Academia Spotlight, Issue 1 - Something about the Brain and Cognitive Aging

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Promoting academia work in Steemit

A review of academic blog entries posted by @coinbitgold, who is using all Steem Dollars from my #academiaspotlight upvotes to promote Steemit to Scientists, Economists, Engineers, Mathematicians in academia. All steem dollars from this post will go to author and reviewer for thanking their contribution to steemit #academia! The #academiaspotlight is an initiative by #pevo team.

Welcome to the first issue of #academiaspotlight!

Author: @ben.zimmerman
Reviewer: @coinbitgold

Something about the Brain and Cognitive Aging

In this first issue, we will be introducing you to @ben.zimmerman!

From his introduction here, he is a neuroscientist. His research interests involve ending aging and cognitive enhancement. We tell you why he is selected for the very first issue of #academiaspotlight! We are puzzled with his relatively low payouts and think he deserved better! Let’s take a closer look at his post on “Age-related cognitive decline” and see what he has posted.

What is the significance of cognitive aging related studies?

Aging is something unavoidable for everyone no matter how much we wish to avoid. Day by day, we age physically. We get tired sitting in front of the laptop typing a blog post, complaining of back pain and more. But we never got tired during our high school or college days wasting the night away partying or trying to finish an assignment in one night. Part of that physical aging means also aging in our brain.

Our brain is the most amazing organ in our body. In fact, experts have said that there is more we don’t know about the brain than we currently know. In fact, all the great and complex mathematics, economic systems, science and engineering theories and computer programming algorithms come from the brilliant economists, engineers and scientists. But think about it, the source of all the brilliant stuff is the BRAIN. It thrills me that there are people studying our brain because that's where all the knowledge advancement of humanity and brilliant ideas came from!

But we want to age healthily in our brain. We want to still be able to read a book for leisure. We want to still remember how to use the internet. Most importantly, we want to still be able to write a good blog post. I often used to think that as I aged physically, my brain will probably process things slower and might affect my verbal ability. So I was pretty surprised to see this is probably not totally the case!

What I learnt from his post

This is a longitudinal graph which basically means a snapshot of the same individual over the years from his post here.

According to this graph in his post, it seems that our verbal ability, verbal memory and inductive reasoning peak at somewhere 46 – 60 years old! That’s awesome for me to find out that I can still be blogging and writing a good blog post when I am in my 40s to 60s! But the perceptual speed does decline, so yes, albeit a bit slower, at least I hope I can still be writing. Look at which point you are at!

He will be writing on his thesis work and also topics that relate to those broader scientific interests! I wish all the best to @ben.zimmerman PhD (he is defending soon!) and look forward to his future blog entries. So follow @ben.zimmerman if you are interested to know more neuroscience and cognitive aging!

We hope that you have learnt something from this post. We also welcome any feedback on #academiaspotlight. Please let us know if you found posts which are academic in nature which have not received as much love and we may add them to the next issue.

Stay tuned and watch out for #academiaspotlight issue 2!

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Nice job #pevo team and @coinbitgold! I love seeing promotion of diverse content and want to see scientific publication move toward a blockchain with reputation scores. @pharesim proposed something like this early on and I don't know if anyone picked up on it.

Also, boycott Elsevier! Lol.


lol thanks! Indeed, my wish is also to see more diverse content on steemit too. The #pevo team is working on this. I think you are referring to this?


Yes, that's it!

@coinbitgold and the #academiaspotlight, a breeze of fresh air in this hustle bustle Steemit...


Thanks! Very flattering :-)

Wow. This is a great idea. There hasn't been much science-related posts on the trending page.
I wonder how I missed his post. I once use to obsessively read books on the amazing powers of the brain. Glad to see someone who is experienced coming too steemit. I do hope he wasn't discouraged by his first payout.
Just followed him. Btw, is this a weekly stuff ?


Thanks! #academiaspotlight will be a few issues per month depending on the number of academia posts and their payouts. As much as possible, we give more attention to lesser known authors in steemit and posts that received lesser love.

I'm not a genius visionary like Vitalik Buterin, but if I were to create a new cryptocurrency, it would definitely be something along the lines of an education center with teachers being paid for good teaching content. Sort of like an intersection between Steem and Coursera.

As of now, there is brilliant content being produced on Coursera for free, and there are brilliant answers to questions provided on Quora. Steem can be something really great, but we need the scientists over here, and we need a way of filtering through the spam better.

Onto your content, Ben's work is inspiring and good to hear for us 30 somethings with deficiencies in the writing/reading area compared to math/science/logic. Happily upvoted for a good cause


I am currently building this with @nphacker and @agm1984
When we are ready, prepared to get your cerebrum blown out of your rectal sphinter. If you are a developer, farmer, rancher, or skilled laborer with a very stoic yet humorous mindset, please get in touch with us.


Thanks! Indeed, more work can be done in steemit in this education portion and that scientists can bring with them the valuable knowledge to steemit.
Yes, Ben's work is very interesting even for layman. looking forward to his future blog posts

This is awesome. Followed both of you! @nphacker @agm1984 and I have also been pondering how to promote more intellectual content on Steemit.

We built this:

We plan on adding a leader board soon and adjusting the algorithms to make the scoring better. We are hoping that eventually that this will become a great tool for people to identify intellectual content.


Thanks! looks fun! will hope over to have a look!

Good job, nice post and the referenced article/post is very interesting! I suggest mentioning the original article/review in your post too since you use the graph/data. Also because the original review covers a lot of interesting other subjects regarding the matter.


Thanks for the feedback! I can no longer edit the post but i will be sure to cite the graph in future :-)

I think an educational platform on steemit would be very beneficial for everyone. Having free education for all should be the norm. Thanks!


Thanks! Yes, an educational platform on steemit is very meaningful too!