Your self upvote is flagged by The-Resistance team using the WE-RESIST bot.
We will be resisting with a team, stronger each day, unless you stop downvoting innocent people.

To your tyranny WE-RESIST

The Resistance

flagging me again, even though ...

You got flagged in part because you're too narrow minded to understand that enforcing Grumpy-Compliance is not my sole purpose in life.

I find you very insulting and dumb overall.

"Don't buy more votes that you can afford to lose."

I find you abusive, annoying and intolerable. Your actions deserve no respect. What did you expect, some loving thanks for flagging me and others? Dream on. Your purpose in life? I wonder what that it is. The system is designed with 6.5 days for upvotes, your Grumpy-Compliance is nonsense and arbitrary. If you want to change things, make a PR and hope they approve it, or find something better to do with your purpose. Public opinion is growing against you.

I made a post the other day that semi-jokingly points out what is wrong with GC (probably in real life to some degree as well no doubt).

I've come to the conclusion that the Grumpy-compliance nonsense is a classic bullying tactic that is being played, where they set up some crazy rule of their own making that obviously won't be followed because the rule is asinine and short-sighted, and then when said rule is broken the bully starts randomly going after innocent bystanders as some kind of justice. Even more bizarre, they believe collateral damage is justified because their ends justify any means of getting there.

The behavior of @grumpycat is a classic blend of personality disorders, and I'm kind of amazed it's been allowed to go on for so long by the whales on Steem... but on the other hand I'm not surprised really, it would be like watching a rabid cat attacking an anthill in real life; as long as the rabid cat is not bothering the whales, they could care less. @grumpycat is probably the worst offender of self upvoting their garbage posts and spam comments I've seen, which makes the whole grumpy-compliance nonsense even more hilarious and sad. The inability to see oneself from the perspective of other people is a trait shared by people with extreme personality disorders.

Just imagine someone behaving like GC in real life. I've witnessed it first hand and I will tell you it's a pathetic display of self-preservation when they get exposed and taken out (If you've even watched the original "The Dead Zone" movie where christopher walken goes to shoot Martin Sheen's Machiavellian character, and Martin Sheen grabs someones baby and holds it out in front of themselves as a shield; this is how people like @grumpycat behave in real life when they are exposed and attacked - they drag in the innocent bystanders and hold them hostage).

So you're OPENLY telling us that your flagging is completely arbitrary and you simply bought a shitton of SP, only in order to be a massive fucking bully on Steemit?

Jesus, you're really an asswipe!

You could write an entire dictionary of words that describe the person who owns @grumpycat's account:

  • asswipe
  • asshat
  • asshole
  • bag-of-dicks
  • douche-nugget
  • dickbag
  • garbage
  • loser
  • waste-of-oxygen

seriously, the list could go on forever, but I think GC likes the attention, good or bad.



Your self upvote is flagged by The-Resistance team using the WE-RESIST bot.
We will be resisting with a team, stronger each day, unless you stop downvoting innocent people.

To your tyranny WE-RESIST

The Resistance

That is fucking rich coming from someone who upvoted his own comment.

Like your post

There should be a button for that..

It's the upvote button ;)

I might make a PR that adds "complaining about the voting of others" to the list of reasons to flag something.

How about changing the flag to a downvote? And some literature to help normalise downvotes. There needs to be a culture acceptance of downvotes alongside upvotes. A community that cannot accept a negative opinion is borderline insane.

Of course, I look forward to incentivizing downvotes. I pledge all of my SP to downvoting abuse and conspiracy bullshit were it incentivized.

Some people seem too think that flagging is like burning money, but that's obviously not how it works.

Flagging isn’t downvoting.

Flagging alters reputation and should only be used in the case of abuse: spreading lies, self-voting rings, hate speech, willful oppression of minorities, spamming, materially duplicate mass comments, et c. It’s not “I don’t like this”.

Upvoting alters reputation as well. You may rationalize it any way you wish, but the downvote/flag has the opposite effect of the upvote. The only difference, of course, is one does not earn curation rewards. (Which you yourself have admitted is a bug - and I applaud you for it!)

I'd personally refuse to be part of any community where people are discouraged to express a negative opinion in voting. Thus far, I have only used downvotes for the reasons you have mentioned above (all of which is rampant on Steem, as you know), and it bothers me greatly. I would want to downvote stuff I don't like - just like I have on Reddit for a decade.

@liberosist - Since you and sneak have both chosen to downvote my post about bill gates that mentions vaccine science, you are welcome - as is sneak - to explain exactly what it is about that post that violates the 'authorised' reasons to flag. As far as I can see from Sneak's list here, the only possible option is that you think the post contains lies - but as you have not commented on what exactly those lies are, we are left with thinking that you are acting out of personal bias. Sneak has failed to respond to my request for an explanation that includes evidence to back up his position and has instead resorted to judgemental and childish ad hominem attack. We are waiting.

@liberosist, I have to post this again, because firepower flags all my posts and comments for censorship just because I was telling the truth.

Please reconsider your upvotes to firepower, who is a spammer and a abuser. He banned my account for censorship and repeats his lies everyday.

For more information, please read

Why should I believe you over @firepower, one of the most engaged members of the community, who has done so much for Steem? Instead, you are just spamming this completely off-topic. I won't flag you yet, but if you spam me again, I will. I'd suggest you get over your unhealthy obsession with @firepower and move on. If you are unable, visit a therapist. All the best.

You don't need believe me. You can only believe blockchain and evidence, if you can open you honorable eyes.
When I decided to fight the spammer, I am ready to sacrifice my reputation and future payouts. Don't try to scare me with flags.
You can flag as long you can justify yourself.
Good luck

I disagree with you @sneak The bots are a very powerful tool that could help us grow, however you always have to be very careful with them and @drakos is warning about an irregularity. He is in all his right to expose the community the case, that can also happen to any of us tomorrow.

How can you disagree with me when I didn’t express an opinion?

I'm surprised you wrote that @sneak. Do you prefer we shut up and let people like him continue on their rampage? Have you been following grumpycat's actions? I suggest you do so before making comments like that.

“but my complaining is legitimate!”

Of course it is, you're entitled to your opinion, although I disagree with it.

I haven’t shared my opinion until now, but I will because you seem to have misread it and responded on the basis of those mistaken assumptions.

Content on Steemit complaining about the mechanics of Steem (with the notable exception of improvement proposals), voting, the price of STEEM, and who did what to whom on Steemit is boring as fuck and I hate reading it and I hate seeing it rewarded.

It has absolutely nothing to do with you or your particular feud. Meta-discussion is worthless.

Stop upvoting complainers.

This is social platform isn't it? The topic of a post is personal, if I want to write about my little hamster, my feuds, or the meal I ate today, that's my prerogative. Some people may like it, others won't. If you don't feel concerned, that's fine, there are plenty of other topics that may interest you: art, cryptos, fiction, nsfw, etc...

Complaining about problems is normal and should be taken into consideration by whoever is concerned. And when you see repeating complaints, that's a big signal that something is wrong! Instead of bitching about it, those complaints should be tackled with solutions instead of letting them linger forever. If no solutions are in view, you're guaranteed to have reactions from the users until something is done. Sadly, many of the STEEM mechanics are broken, there's no denying of that. We try to cope with what we've got until Steemit decides to fix (or keep ignoring) things.

You can also make a PR to add "Telling the truth" to the list of reasons to flag. Now @firepower, a spammer and liar, downvotes all my posts and comments. He is using this tactics to intimidate me to censor steem. He banned my account for the same reason. For details, please read:

Hey @firepower, why did you 100% downvote this? 1% is enough. Save your Voting Power to flag more posts. 😄

LOL! You'll know soon enough. Keep spamming moron! Please don't ever stop OK? :D

No matter what you say and what you do, you cannot change the facts that

  • you are a shameless spammer
  • You are a big liar
  • You believe you could be a dictator, but you could not

Here's some reality for you. No one gives a shit about you and your bullshit that you continue to vomit all over this platform.

You are saying your friends are giving you lots of shit? You can just eat all and say 'Yummy! Mouthwatering!!' -- your signature spamming phrase 😄

LOL! Keep talking trash you idiot. That's all you're ever going to achieve in your life. Please keep spamming so I have something to flag. :D You'll know soon why....

Wow! Another 100% downvote. You are so generous. Now I give you another chance to flag. 😂

10% is also very generous. Another one for you.

@firepower, thank you for your generous contribution. I believe we are working together to serve the rewarding pool. Thank you😄

Oh absolutely! I don't need the VP or the resulting curation rewards. I can do this forever! It'll only get easier as I continue to power up. ;) Give me another one to flag will you? :D

@sneak "complaining about the voting of others" ---> That will help making the platform a total fascist, centralized, censored blockchain. If I am not mistaken, STEEM blockchain with outperform IOTA and we can rename STEEM with STalinEEM blockchain!!!!!!!

My thoughts exactly. Glad to have a witness like you and @drakos who are sensible people. Flags Vs upvotes is a zero-sum game that only waste time. It should be used purely on the cases which objectively ruins the platform like spam, plagiarism etc and not on disagreement on rewards.

With EOS planning its own community module and a very lagging Hive and SMT + this kind of weird issues is the last thing the platform needs. If the SP is instead used in article spinners, spammers etc who is filling the blockchain with junk and creating issues to the long term stability as well as DMCA issues and what not, this could have been logical.

I am seeing the possibility of the entire blockchain going down like "Kim dotcom's" companies under DMCA. If for the junk and stolen content on the blockchain which is stored by the witnesses, if DMCA goes after individual witnesses, we will see the end of steemit and STEEM ! And here we are fooling around!!!!

EDIT: @grumpycat check, here is some rotten fish for you :

I never really wanted to bring this up because somebody would attempt this........but here we go.

Revenge Porn.
DMCA are nothing. Rapes have been live-streamed on FB. What do you do when that happens on STEEM while whales are wasting their VP on ego trips.

oh man :-( I was not aware of the fb thing ...

What do you do when that happens on STEEM while whales are wasting their VP on ego trips.

Food for thought!

The main problem is the lack of a clear and specific constitution. Society needs to function under rules. The problem is the rulers. We need to specify which content are not allowed and we need those rules enforced under community consensus with the help of Oracles. A good portion can be automated. But implementation should become a serious hell. IMO it all comes down to: Constitution + Oracles

This is a really interesting point. How does the law deal with a decentralized blockchain full of pilfered IP?

How does the law deal with a decentralized blockchain full of pilfered IP?

The Law hasn't started noticing yet IMHO. Now, the word decentralized should be taken with a pinch of salt. Lets compare with a P2P file sharing system like bittorrent and STEEM is not that decentralized. The blockchain lives on some 400 witness servers which is nothing compared to say the pirated copies of a popular movie. I am not mentioning about cats or dogs or any of the arguments like the monetary distribution. From a technical stand point, ~400 servers is in no way a decentralized system. A lot of the witness servers are hosted by couple of providers and the whole thing is super easy for 'law'. But the good thing or bad thing about STEEM for now is may be some 10% of the content is copyright violated and thats too small compared to the piracy elsewhere.

With regard to decentralization, I've also seen a number of posts made to the Interplanetary File system (IPFS). I don't know how much of that violates copyrights, but from what I can see from the white paper on the subject, IPFS is highly resistant to censorship and it is decentralized.

Have you considered IPFS as decentralized storage system as a source for content linked to on Steemit? I'm not even sure if I have phrased the question right...But I hope you understand what it is that I'm asking.

you know what, I actually wanted to add IPFS to my original comment. But I wanted to make it simpler as people generally tell me that I make things complicated by adding too many things :-D

IPFS is highly resistant to censorship and it is decentralized.

Yes, IPFS is & has proven that their claims are true.

Further, IPFS has a mechanism to deliver blockchains over the IPFS network in a transparent way. I haven't tested it and haven't understood it enough. So I can't make any more comments. But I am doubtful how fast it will be for something like Graphene blockchain (Bitshraes, STEEM, GOLOS, EOS).

Have you considered IPFS as decentralized storage system as a source for content linked to on Steemit?

Yes and DTube is already doing it. Suprisignly is storing its images on a centralized Amazon S3 storage.

So DTube is essentially like PirateBay with plagiarised content indexes and the content itself is stored elsewhere on IPFS. But the posts and the metadata pointing to the source of the IPFS URLs are on the STEEM blockchain. So you take down STEEM blockchain, the IPFS URLS will loose the pointers to them and they will become dangling with no way to easily access them apart from using the IPFS interface. Yes, even keeping a list of URLs and titles in a text file can act just like DTube and save the content even in the event of DMCA take down or similar of STEEM blockchain.

If you are interested in IPFS, I have pointed out few use cases below:
PS: I had written this before realizing Filecoin is the coin for IPFS.

I have to admit that I like the concept of hosting files for Filecoin. Talk about proof of stake, and it doesn't require that much energy compared to proof of work.

I also recall watching Dan Larimer give a talk about using EOS for storage, too. I was really impressed with his concept of a virtual datacenter based on blockchain technology.

I like your analogy about DTube and PirateBay. Decentralized, next to impossible to take down and censor.

As to the embrace of this new technology by the law, I have a fair amount of confidence that the succeeding generations will eventually refuse to carry on the old way of copyrights and patents. I hope that the millennials remember their experience with Napster and proceed to relax copyright law to allow for content to flourish in the digital age.

Thanks for a nice, fairly off-topic correspondence. :)

Agree on the Napster part.

I also recall watching Dan Larimer give a talk about using EOS for storage, too.

I was not aware of this. I was under the impression that IPFS will be used for storage and ofcourse traditional stuff.

we will take this discussion out of this place and I feel this is a good thing that I found a good human being though things around here are not something I understand!

There's a shitload of copyrighted material on IPFS/DTube, I stay away from it.

Hello @drakos! How are things? What you mention about DTube is probably true, but I fear it applies to a large extent to Steemit too...

I know a couple Steemians making money from copying/pasting articles ONLY out of electronic magazines. They don't pretend they wrote them, but the outcome of their behaviour doesn't differ so much - using others contents without their consent.

Sorry @drakos i can completely relate with where you are coming from. I can personally attest to the fact that you have been a source of great help in time of need to this community and seeing all your efforts being trampled on saddens me to my marrow. I usually direct friends with problems to you on and you always help them no matter how busy you are. How can we help?

Tell that to the flagging tyrant.

Seriously though, how can minnows help? I upvoted @the-resistance and voted for you as a witness, but I don't have enough SP to delegate yet. It seems pretty clear that he cannot be reasoned with. What other avenues of recourse do we have, if any? I think that people trolling for monetary gain is one of the biggest issues facing steemit at the moment, but I have no idea how to contribute meaningfully to fighting against it.
You can earn rewards reporting comment spammers, check it out, it's something you can do

Like your post

Sometimes, power blinds the people who exercise it. It pushes them to believe that there is no reality other than their own; as if their voice was that of God. You are an impeccable person and user. You support to the different persons from the heart, believing to the end in your actions and in the people around you. You are one of the individuals who make this community more livable and I really hope that all this tyranny ends soon. A hug to you, Drakos!

I have seen a lot of shit-tier people on this platform, and I've seen almost as many that get plenty of rewards and recognition. @drakos is one of the best people we have. There is hardly a day that goes by where you can't ask him for help and he won't respond, despite being a prolific poster and engaged across the platform, both as a user and as a witness. Of all the people to downvote, how the hell do you land on drakos? Get bent, @grumpycat.

He even called me dumb, that ignorant fool.

As I said before, the ability to downvote a post is a MAJOR design flaw in Steem. This power NEEDS TO BE REMOVED OR STEEMIT WILL DIE. This is a lot worse than flame wars, folks. Is anyone at steemit listening? I almost left myself because of some self appointed asshole.

if you remove downvoting you eliminate the ability to remove rewards from spam and plagiarism.

I'm more in favor of having two separate pools, to remove the financial disincentive to downvoting. Give everyone their daily pool of voting power, and thier daily pool of downvoting power. that way people who spend a lot of vp downvoting won't have an easy excuse to make up for lost rewards by selfvoting bullshit

unfortunately, you can't have it both ways. Maybe a downvote should require 5 people or something like that. That way you could still get rid of spam but not allow one person to selfishly downvote people for no good reason.

So it wastes 5 peoples vp to counter one person's vote? That doesn't sound like it will get rid of spam, that sounds like it will take 5x the voting power to fight spam.

Most of the times I don't agree with these crusades. One person's spam may not be another's Steemit needs to be open and welcoming, not like a bunch of condo Nazis.

@moeknows said something similar a few days ago. I've forgotten how he put it exactly. wish steeminc could do this.

I really share his pain. It's really painful. I think it happens to virtually everyone

So we can all post whatever crap we want no consequences to it. So along with the no down votes then how would the NSFW images be taken care of that ignore that rule, or all the blatant hate speech, or threats of violence. No the down vote needs to stay, and whether people like @berniesanders or @grumpycat, or we will see what @madpuppy does, they are needed. With whales and some witnesses and other large account holders becoming so called "victims" they want to do something now? I am sorry, but their attempts are plainly pitiful. If the large account holders, and the witnesses were so damned concerned about this they would have aided @berniesanders against that haejin person and his benefactor. So before making a statement about the "MAJOR design flaw in Steem" and saying it needs to be removed give your real reason for it's removal, give a solution to what you perceive as a problem, or try to do something about it.

@drakos, @grumpycat,@berniesanders, and a few others are at least trying to do something about what they perceive as the problem. What are you doing about the problem. I can tell you what I am doing about it. I actually think that both sides are doing what they think is best, I think that if steem inc, or the owners of steemit felt that something needed to be done they would. I think that on April 15th everyone, every single individual should make a @grumpycat post and then make nine or twenty or 100 comments to their own post and give themselves 100% upvotes. Break the bank on American Tax day deadline. Then, maybe steemit owners will see that, "uhh captain we have a problem".

But I am sure the reason you don't like the down vote is because you like looking at trash for free.

Look, a great many people here are anarchists, including me. As such, we don't believe in any of your stupid crusades. People should be free to do as they please and if you don't like it go back to Facebook or Reddit. You have me very pissed off and now I plan to do something about people like you. Some of the whales have the same view. If you don't like "hate speech," etc. go the fuck back where you came from.

As @drakos consistently makes good content and only has the 908th largest payout, I don't see the need to downvote him at all. Others that use bots are among the top payouts and contribute little in terms of quality content. If anyone needs a downvote it is them.

Together, united, we will bring this issue to an end.


Like your post

That seems rather unfair.

This comment has received a 0.45 % upvote from @speedvoter thanks to: @tomy12.

As much as this sucks, it is kind of inevitable that something like this will occur on here - the world has many wealthy and anti-social people!

I believe the biggest mistake the "good guys" make is in assuming common ground with everyone or almost everyone.
In my research I haven't found any blue color working class people upset that people are finding opportunities in the crypto revolution, when I can track them down it is always a relatively "rich" person (who are butthurt on forums) and they usually have significantly more money than me.

Could it be that there is a loose, inverse correlation of money to empathy?

There may be correlation, however correlation does not equal causation.

Consider the United States, a country that has spent 90% of it's life at war. It is also one of the richest countries in the world.

Warfare is a sign of a lack of empathy. That seems to correlate well with the apparent wealth of the United States.

I'd say that based on that alone, there is a strong inverse correlation between wealth and empathy.

"blue color working class"

Im not fan of grumpycat. .. but Im not happy about what he doing... he flag and flag... thats all what he know...

oh he can comment too.. with high upvotes...

by flagging he taking profit wasted from Steemians

and by commenting. .. he really earn big than others normal blog or post...

Yikes, this is getting intense...

I understand why certain people are against bidbots. But the question is who should you punish in such a case. It is similar to the prostitution argument. If you are against prostitution, the question is who is acting immoral, the prostitute, the John, or both?

Now prostitution is a difficult topic, but I think bidbots are not. Just ask who is making the profit. The ones buying their upvotes dont really make any money, they are just seeking some legit advertisement and the steem system for that is simply not working. The bidbot owner on the other hand is accepting money to judge content, which is fundamentally opposed to the idea of steem.

It is an illusion to think that you could downvote the users so much that they will stop using the bidbot, as most are actually unaware that this happens. So instead of targeting the users we should think how to target the operators instead.

lol interesting post and memes

What I learned on my half year here on Steem/it, it is everything but fair.

You providing support, which should be the goddammit task of the major stakeholder.
Flags thrown.
Reward pool abused.
Centralised services.
Corrupt witnesses.
Scam and spam

Steem is just real life. Funny, how so many complain about gouvernement, while copyingthe exact same methods to the blockchain.

So true. Steem is no different than real life. It has its unique set of rules, but in the end, humans make it happen, which implies politics, spams, scams, etc. But on the other hand, there's goodness on it brought by a diversity of cultures and skills. For a while my focus was on the positive things I can provide to the platform (which I continue to do), but grumpycat's actions have awakened the devil in me; I hope I can put him back to sleep, it's not in my nature to be nasty.

Well, I did browse through a lot of spam and trending posts lately.
So I might have a biased view right now:)))
Maybe I should start curating something nice.
Do we have a trending "aww" tag section? :)

Sorry to derail the conversation yet there is a desperation to my request and you are a self proclaimed witness.

Where can the steem blockchain be downloaded? Every guide in existence seems to have a broken link.

Anyway, sorry for your hard day @drakos, but you could still turn mine around. 😎

I wish I had more to give,the comments and seeing the self voting on this speak volumes!
These are perfect examples of how to make the platform not succeed Sneak,and GC !
Thanks for all you do drakos. Catch you in PALnet.

What even gives him the rights to create these rules ? I don’t get it . This is where we need people to stand together because tomorrow he will target others and then more people

He's a bully and people are too afraid to stand up to him.

What can we do honestly ? We don’t know the face of the crowd behind the screen

eventually he'll upset the wrong crowd and they'll duke it out... us little guys just have to take it. it sucks but you can always repost over and over and over... it costs them to downvote I think.

Steemit is basically like history on fast forward mode. Right now there are a bunch of robber barons running around making themselves richer and abusing others for their own amusement.

I post good quality memes, to entertain The Whole Community, check my timeline!!!

It's so shitty when people get their kicks out of making other people miserable. Not sure on the history of you and grumpycat but it appears that the beef is strong. The anonymity and interacting through a keyboard changes a lot of how we connect with others. We do and say a lot of things we wouldnt dare do in real life, much fewer consequences and with little fear of repercussion, people become warriors. Hope you get this sorted out peacefully

I am totally against flag wars, it seems to me something so childish and envious, plus I follow you and you are someone you trust, I don't know why the demon cat gives you so many flags. by the way, I'd like to tell you a project, if you're willing to tell me, to send it to you by memo.

Seriously, if that jerk keeps flagging me, I might stop blogging altogether. If whales are allowing this abuser to flag legit posts so he can upvote his own shitty comments to rape rewards himself, I don't know what motivation that leave to us.

Nobody is Allowing this, this is entirely up to one person and only they can do anything about it. If you base your success on what one person does you definetly invested in the wrong platform.

Whales can devastate an abusive user. While they are certainly not required to, their reputation should be worth enough to them that they might be inclined to act. Either way, if they want people to keep striving here, it's in their best interest to take action against assholes like this. As for your success comment, if you have someone consistently destroying your post payout--a payout that supports a large number of projects and people--where is the incentive?

Somewhere else, somewhere that guarantees a payout, or align your incentives in such a way that it guarantees payout here (donation/subscription) and especially in not allowing one person to dictate how and why you should post.

WOW, and I just finished reading an article on how GRUMPY CAT was an asset to steemit by allowing only bots that upvote at 3.5 days max. (allowing for down votes of spam posts)
Cheers for the heads up I will keep my eye on whats going on.
Dont quit blogging over this, it will be sorted out I am sure!

Sorted out by whom? The developers don't care and some have behaved in a similar fashion to grumpy cat and Bernie Sanders.

Really seems like rich people throwing their weight around!!
I HOPE THIS IS NOT THE CASE! steemit and block chain in general can be used to STOP the rich picking on the less fortunate!!!

I wouldn't call him an asset to anything.

More of an assxx than an asset. But hey, this is what happens when libertarian utopias break down.

That seems rather unfair.

if we are angry if it can make the problem over, if that's true I will always say like that 😁😀

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Sneaky Ninja Attack! You have been defended with a 23.08% vote... I was summoned by @drakos! I have done their bidding and now I will vanish...Whoosh

I think my last post got flagged which is totally BS I don't even understand the message it posted lol

Congratulations @drakos, this post is the second most rewarded post (based on pending payouts) in the last 12 hours written by a Hero account holder (accounts that hold between 10 and 100 Mega Vests). The total number of posts by Hero account holders during this period was 354 and the total pending payments to posts in this category was $7883.52. To see the full list of highest paid posts across all accounts categories, click here.

If you do not wish to receive these messages in future, please reply stop to this comment.

I know you have a lot of integrity here, I think the matter of flagging you should be rechecked

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That's great of

I just watched one of our Skillshare videos this morning. Good stuff! It helped me make sense of the whole blockchain business a little better. Thanks for all you do here on Steemit!!

Such a piece of shit.

If you want you can fork and make Steem Cash. I am a designer. RPC Steem nodes must be run on monsterous machines. It is not cheap to rebuild an infrastructure to support all of these tools.

So even this is now on Steemit? So sorry.
Let him continue in his intelligence.

@drakos I feel your pain. Is certainly not a good feeling :(

I feel like it would be nice if we could block people on here.

Hello, I am new to this site. When you say some one “flagged you” does that cost them steemit points to submit the flag ? And what does a flag do to your account status? Sorry to go off topic, but I am the FNG trying to learn from the veterans .

World 🌎 of Dave

A flag, or downvote, is the opposite of an upvote. Instead of rewarding the author, it removes part of the reward depending on the voter's Steem Power and Voting Power. Check the FAQ, the Voting and Curating section.

Steem is a decentralized... Not really. It is Centered around the people who have a lot of steem power. They set the rules. They flag any one who they don't like. They are clearly some morons.

Dont stop blogging that is exactly what he wants.

What a great poster you are! Please follow me and I will follow you! Thanks!

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buenas ayer envie 3 sbd para recivir voto a favor del ual veo que solo fueron devueltos 2.73 sbd me gustaria saber que paso

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Well well. Keep at it asshole. You're proving more and more you're nothing but a reward rapist.


What's your point? Oh right, pointless.

My point was, we thought you were powering down to leave after serving your 'purpose'. But you're shifting from grumpycat to madpuppy... perhaps you need to share your thoughts about that? Then you resume upvoting your comments excessively. Flagging doesn't earn you rewards, but self-upvotes does. Anything else you want to know?

If you bother to flag the shitposts that nothing at stakes profiteers buys votes on maybe I'll upvote you instead of flagging the less than 3.5 days poor minnows.

3.5 day was just a first step.



  • You are flagging innocent people and calling them "collateral damage"!
  • You are trying to impose your rules by using your SP on ones weaker than you!
  • You have rejected all the diplomatic proposals we have brought so far!

Your self upvote is flagged by The-Resistance team using the WE-RESIST bot.
We will be resisting with a team, stronger each day, unless you stop downvoting innocent people.

To your tyranny WE-RESIST

The Resistance

Sure, delegate me some of your super power and I'll be more than happy to embark on your crusade. I have fought abuse before (you obviously don't know about that). I do support fighting abuse, spam and scams, but I don't agree with your methods.

My stake is small, I don't run any voting automation (except being part of the recent resistance bot made exclusively for you), I curate manually. So I prefer to support those who write quality instead of wasting my time hunting shit posters. I would do it if I had a better delegation.



  • You are flagging innocent people and calling them "collateral damage"!
  • You are trying to impose your rules by using your SP on ones weaker than you!
  • You have rejected all the diplomatic proposals we have brought so far!

Your self upvote is flagged by The-Resistance team using the WE-RESIST bot.
We will be resisting with a team, stronger each day, unless you stop downvoting innocent people.

To your tyranny WE-RESIST

The Resistance



Your self upvote is flagged by The-Resistance team using the WE-RESIST bot.
We will be resisting with a team, stronger each day, unless you stop downvoting innocent people.

To your tyranny WE-RESIST

The Resistance

Same troubke with Bernie Sanders and his troop of bots. I'm starting to see steemit as a failed experiment. I highlighted my concerns at steemFEST and was laughed at by core developers. I get the feeling Ned supports the status quo. I started powering down on return from Portugal.

Good wisdom. Bad timing. You should have waited for SMTs. I really think STEEM has some major problems. It was just make as you go bootstrapped platform. I've repeatedly said that we are 4 years behind BTC. STEEM has a lot more to grow. $40 is a pretty obvious point for me. You really shouldn't have powered down.

BTC is a relic piece of garbage. Still it has the highest marketshare. Markets can stay irrational for long periods of time. YOYOW, ALIS, TRON are still not really doing much yet.

It's a real shame if the core developers disregarded your concerns, it tells a lot about their indifference.

Sad but true...

thank you, can you sell me your Steem at $2.50?

Ok... how many can you afford?

sorry contract expired, how many you got for $1.30?

Just pay me in EOS and they're yours!

Really, what's yours your email address? At $1.30, 5.7Steem for 1EOS, the airdrop has already passed 4 days ago don't mind trading EOS for Steem while all the hype goes down.

i think steemit still very weack