Who the hell is @a-0-0 ? (and how to get rid of him)

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Moved to HIVE. Because I believe in decentralization. Not in one person's tyranny and dictatorship.


Please find out which bot have leaked your keys. It can be a great contribution to the community telling everybody which bot exactly is not safe to use, which of them is sharing user keys.

You must have a setting or bot on that gives someone the right to use your keys to follow people. That's dangerous, reset all your codes immediately. My other theory is you are being punished for your sins and must repent through reading bible quotes on Steemit.

That is exactly what i did here. Passwords changed, and no any of those nasty a00000's apearing on my list any more.
Now I will be restarting using bots carefully, one-by-one, constantly watching when the a-0-0 returns to me again. Then I will let all the community members know about the dirty place been found.

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Keep up the good work and original content, everyone appreciates it!

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

My feed recently got so much poluted with all kinds of junk, that it made me finaly completely mad.
It should be finally instead of finaly.

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