Fear: It Is More Powerful Than You Think

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The first part of the 20th century saw a revolutionary change in the mindset of society. It was, for the first time, where people starting to really explore the power of thoughts and the impact they had. Landmark books such as "Think and Grow Rich" and "The Power of Positive Thinking" became classics. Many business leaders, even today, swear by these tomes.

Over the last 20 years, science started catching up to this idea. Epigenetics and quantum fields are two areas that received a lot of attention. While many still consider them to be pseudo-sciences, they are getting mainstream acceptance. Each of this disciplines show the impact of beliefs and thoughts on the body. They also correlate how they affect the world around us. Suddenly, we are seeing the combining of science with mysticism or philosophical traditions. The wacky "woo woo: people might have been onto something all along.

I am a firm believer that some of the ideas that we brush aside as nonsense are well known to the elite. Rumors are abound of their involvement in various aspect of the occult. The use of things such as symbolism are pretty obvious isfone takes the time to consider it. Of course, it is easy to just pass it off as nothing yet the effects of subliminal programming are well known. All this factors into what we, as human beings, are made to endure.

Fear is a the primary weapon used by those who are in charge. Whatever you want to call them; the elite, the 1%, the banksters; they are the movers and shakers of this world. They are the power center because they have the money and use that to erect a system that favors them. We can debate whether this is some grand conspiracy or the natural result of what happens when power is in the hands of a few until the cows come home. The bottom line is that is the system we are living under.


Scarcity is what we are conditioned to believe in. This was an easy sell since, for thousands of years, it was the norm. Scarcity exists only when there is a monetary system which creates it. When the creation and distribution of money is in the hands of a few (the elite), the rest are stuck struggling for what is left over. They are paid first, and very handsomely, while the rest get what is left.

We see the imprint of this system on STEEM. People wonder why I can post so optimistically. Many believe that I am just someone who puts the rose-colored glasses on and posts pollyanna stuff. That is incorrect.

My approach is fairly simple. I understand the power of beliefs and how they do affect the world around us. At the same time, I am well aware of how these beliefs affect our actions. My optimism for crypto-economic, and for STEEM in particular, is the result of continual research into this industry. It is also taking my energies and manifesting the outcome that I desire. If everyone did this, we would not have a token sitting at $1.40.

It is my beliefs that cause me to behave the way I do. I am not sitting idly hoping things work out. I post articles twice a day passing along information I hope helps people. I support different projects, not only with SP, but also time, giving ideas, and promoting. I try to help wherever I can with the talents that I do have. @fulltimegeek posted a technical question earlier today, an area I know nothing about. What I could do was pass his post on to a couple of developers I interact with to see if they could help. One of them was able to respond with some ideas. Now, I have no idea what @fulltimegeek is working on, but I imagine his Android app probably has something to do with STEEM.

I am not worried about the price of STEEM because I know what the future holds. This is something I can be certain of because I am helping to create it on a daily basis. As more people embrace this approach and start to provide to the ecosystem, in a fully committed manner, things will explode. Right now, we number tens of thousands of people, soon it will be in the hundreds of thousands.


Am I afraid of losing my investment in STEEM?

Let me ask you this: how fearful are you of not taking your next breath? That is about the concern I have for STEEM at the moment. It is possible things could go awry but it is almost a given it will not. Others can hold a different opinion but that is what my research leads me to conclude.

We see a lot of sickness in the world. Of course, there are a lot of diseases out there that people suffer from. However, many of the largest ones can be linked to people's thoughts. Once again, many contest this idea yet it is starting to filter into the medical community. What is stress other than our body's reaction to our thoughts? What is the cause for poor eating habits that border on addiction other than trying use food to soothe how we are feeling? Why are so many turning to drugs and alcohol at rates we never saw before?

The answer is that people are afraid. We know the system is not engineered to benefit them. In fact, it is structured in way that ends up taking from them no matter what they do. Crypto-economics is the answer to this. It is 180 degrees the opposite. On STEEM, the amount of tokens being issued is only increasing. This is a blockchain that reflects the Age of Abundance. We presently have 5 or 6 tokens that can be acquired on a daily basis without any fiat invested. It is through one's actions that accounts can grow.

Yet some take exception with this. That is their right.

However, those that do, they are allowing their fear based programming to win out. If one cannot see that tokens are coming from every direction, I cannot make them see it. STEEM is a blockchain for people who want to make a positive difference; in their own lives and those of others. Some are able to grasp that immediately while it takes a little longer for others. Ultimately, most who are on here will end up seeing it. Sadly, some will kick themselves for not taking action sooner.


Here is a challenge for everyone reading these words. Try doing this for a couple of days.

Let go of your fears.

Do not focus, act, or ponder them. Instead, when one arises, ignore it. Shut that voice inside of you that is constantly telling you to point out all that is wrong. Whatever you normally would do, in 85% of the cases, do the opposite. See how that works out for you.

I am going to hypothesize it will be of great benefit. The reason I conclude this is because most of what we do is because of the fear based conditioning we received. Once we stop believing in the scarcity, especially of money, then we operate at a much higher level. You are on the STEEM blockchain, meaning you are in crypto-economics. This is an entirely new realm than we are accustomed to. For those who are from the esoteric perspective, this is a shift from the 3D plane towards the 5D reality. It is not only uplifting, it is freeing.

Fear is the basis of most of our problems. The fact we buy into it is what allows us to be controlled. We are like the fully grown elephant that is kept in place with a small peg and thin rope. Our conditioning makes us that way.

Time to realize the power we do have. We can manifest the outcomes we desire which will also eradicate a host of issues we have physically.

It all starts in our head.

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I like to read you because you give optimism. I want to be in that wave of abundance always. Not to mention shortages and problems here, it's complicated, but it's always my goal.

I agree with everything you say, except the following:-

"Let go of your fears . . .when one arises, ignore it. "

Recently, @cryptogee convincingly explained how, when we try to ignore a worry, it actually festers and grows.

Instead, the correct response is to give your fear a name (he uses the name "Nigel" lol, but you can use whatever annoying name you want), and then once named, acknowledge that fear, address it by name, and tell it to go eff itself.

I'm only just starting this approach, and I can say, anecdotally, I am finding this approach a LOT more effective than trying to simply dismiss worries. :)


What you deny, you empower. Acknowledging and actually dealing with it until it no longer has push or pull means that it no longer exists.

The power of thought is already well known to the scientific community. It goes by the name of the Placebo Effect. This is the reason experiments need control groups. The scientific community is constantly trying to remove the Placebo Effect variable from their experiments by creating a group that THINKS they are being tested but aren't. Someway somehow, perception can sometimes manifest itself in reality.

There's also that experiment where the particles behave completely differently when you record them with a camera. It seems that even particles know when they are being watched.

I think we need to stop testing these for-profit artificial drugs so much and start pumping way more resources into understanding the Placebo Effect itself instead of purposefully trying to cut it out of the equation.

I guess there's no money in putting research into something that everyone can benefit from for free. Maybe we'll soon™ have a cryptocurrency for that.

Loved the article,

I am pro-steem over cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin not because I am afraid of Bitcoins' high energy usage, and slow transaction times. Nor the potential that the lightning network doesn't work out.

But because I have faith in crytpocurrencies like steem and the platform they are building. It wasn't my fear in other cryptocurrencies that drove me here but the positives I saw for steem.

That being said whenever I slow down on a project I am working on it is out of fear, you have to find something you are positive and passionate about and follow that.

I have never feared what most do. I don't know why i was born this way but I rarely worry about money or working or how i will get by and things have always seemed to work out for me one way or another..
i have never been scared to stand up for what I believe in or to do what I felt is right regardless of the reaction that might follow. And here I am 36 years old and still just as confused about why people act the way the do since I was a child.. Fear is not a motivator for me and I do not no why, I have been to war twice and watched many of my friends die but fear was never there.. I use to think I was fucked up in the head but have come to realize it is my super power, I can't be manipulated by fear and although I have no clue why I was given this gift I feel like one day it will be exactly what I need to do something great for humanity..
cryptos will free mankind one day and people like you will lead the charge..
Great article as always, so much truth! Thank you my friend.

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Another good one.

The main thing I fear right now is not investing enough in Steem before the SMTs are rollled out. I think that’s what’s going to skyrocket the price of Steem so I’m trying to increase my Steem power as much as I can before that happens.

From my point of view you over estimate the power of cryptocurrency regarding the psychological effects. Right now their powers are too marginal to attract the attention of the financial leading powers. That's why an optimistic outlook can be published within the participants of blockchain technology. They still act relatively undisturbed.

I would be a little less enthusiastic about the liberating aspects of cryptocurrencies. Not only what is achieved within the virtual realm alone should be considered but still what a member of a blockchain achieves in his physical realm for the common good. Some participants forget that community is no just a thing you practice through the Internet but also in real life time. If there is no connection between the two I find that problematic. When my time and energy is bound by online-activities I lack this capacity in offline activities.

In a German publication "Joint Discussion Paper Series in Economics by the Universities of Aachen ∙ Gießen ∙ Göttingen Kassel ∙ Marburg ∙ Siegen" from Andreas Hanl und Jochen Michaelis it sais:

Both extreme scenarios - crypto currencies remain a marginal phenomenon or completely supplant traditional currencies - appear unrealistic. A permanent coexistence of crypto currencies and traditional currencies is to be expected. The macroeconomic implications of such coexistence are to date largely unexplored territory.

Since research into the interaction of crypto currency and monetary policy is still in its infancy, various problems can simply be described as open.
This applies, for example, to the changed role of commercial banks in the transmission process of monetary policy.
If the increased financial intermediation by means of crypto currency is accompanied by increased migration to the shadow banks, it is not least the regulatory authorities that will take action here. This also applies to any impact on financial market stability.
The role of monetary policy as lender of last resort needs to be reconsidered. It should also be mentioned that crypto currencies themselves can be the cause of shocks. The collapse of a platform like Mt Gox, accompanied by the loss of 650,000 bitcoins, would be an event with real economic effects that would force central banks to respond.

source (translated the part above from): https://www.uni-marburg.de/fb02/makro/forschung/magkspapers/paper_2017/15-2017_hanl.pdf

My question to you would be:
Would you like cryptocurrencies to be the dominant financial actor/option between people or do you see it as complementary to find it's role in the market activities?

I think that - looking at things from an organic point of view - that the best working systems are those of variety, meaning many different actors move within a system. The more variety a living systems offer the better it works. As financials are just an expression of the living world of humans I am not sure about cryptocurrencies named as "new liberation" and such.

I like the mix of cash money and different currencies and I am cautious about any form of dominance or lack of variety. Though dominance in one way or another is a matter of fact which cannot be solved entirely. It's always a movement of rise and go down.

I would like steemit to be a more stable currency and to use it as one form of reliance for my old ages or for my son to whom I would bequeath my account. ... Still, the best investment I can make is into people and not currencies alone. A mixture is in my eyes a good form to take care of my future. When money fails caring friendships should be in reachable sight.