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Hi, @jayplayco here.

A few may know it, but I am co-running a service called TripleA, which is a Movie and TV show review site, upvoted and rewarded with the Steem-Engine(SE) Token AAA. We have used the given tools from the SE team starting from Scotbot to Nitrous. Even planned as a review site, we did know that we will have to change the way how the content is organized, as the current Nitrous page was a 1:1 copy of the current Steemit UI, which is not right for consuming reviews for Movies and TV shows.

It took a while for our developer @segyepark to get into the code and also to get into React as a framework, but we are now moving on a good speed on getting the page coded as we would like.

We are now as far as we that we are able to open the page within the next 10 days and would like to inform about what is going to change and why this kind of content delivery will enhance the whole experience for users getting in touch with Steem and content.

1. Main Screen - Movie Overview

The current screen shows all kind of reviews based on the same logic as we had it before on Steemit. Trending, New, Hot and we changed the Promoted to Donated (TripleA has a donation function implemented). But you don't really see reviews as you like, as not only reviews are shown, but also related text or even postings that do not have any relevance with TripleA. This is coming from the UI logic that Steemit uses to show content, which is a mixture of a Facebook Feed and Instagram Feed without any followers. The biggest difference is that a lot of the algorithm is based on the upvoted amount of token.

TripleA will show as entrance the current Movie reviews. You will see only movies that have at least one review and will have the direct feeling, "Ah, this is a review site."

You can choose Genres like Action, Family, Drama, Science Fiction, Thriller, etc., which allows you to choose reviews that match your Movie taste. A filter that can show reviews based on the Release date or based on when the review has been written can be used to find new movies or also new reviews from your favorite authors.

This means that the first content is not directly a review but a list of movies based on different filters and attached reviews behind the movies.

If you decide to click on a movie that looks interesting and where you would like to read a review about it, you will see the detail page about the movie first.

I have in the current stage only a detail page of a Korean movie in Korean, but we support not only the language setting for the whole page, but also for the movie detail page in English and Korean.

The detail page of a movie is showing the main information like the production team and the actors, what kind of genre the movie has, how long the playtime is and a short summary about the movie itself.

Below the movie summary, you will find finally the reviews for the movies, which are actually postings on the Steem blockchain. The reviews are also showing a screenshot of the review including the date of review, critic and a few lines of the review to be able to see if the review would be interesting for you or not. After clicking the review, you will see the whole review and also would be able to upvote the post if you are logged in into your Steem account.

An important point for UI here is, that all kind of upvoting or amount showing of the upvoted token is only visible in the latest state when somebody is really interested in a review and had read it.

2. TV Show Main Screen

We have devided movies from TV shows, as the detail page and the concept of TV shows is different from movies. The general filter for Genre is similar to the Movie part and also the filter for opening and review date is the same. We are also planning to have a filter for Netflix only Drama.

The main difference is that you will have also information about the Seasons and episodes at the detail page for TV Shows.

3. Review Section

Movie and TV-Shows are showing the not directly the reviews but the movies first, but we still can see the demand that some users want to have only the reviews directly to read them. In this case, filtering reviews for your specific needs is essential. If you get into the Review section, you can choose if you want to see only Movie or TV Show reviews and also can choose the language of review, in the current moment for English, Korean and Chinese. We are planning to expand the filters also for Genre later and add a search function to find the right content.

4. New Section

Current new Screen

The NEW section will include all kind of posts that have the AAA tag, but as you can see the visibility is not anymore concentrated on postings that are not review related. A big difference will be that we will NOT show either the upvoted amount nor will it be possible to upvote on the listing. You will have to click on the post and scroll to the end of the posting to be able to vote. Additionally, we will exclude also the thumbnails on the listing, which means that you will have a very lean and clean listing for the NEW section.

5. Future plans

The site will be still in beta phase after launching, as we would like to add a lot more logical content consuming UI options, like easy jumping from one review to another, etc. Additionally, the "feed' stream will be changed similar to the NEW section.

A next big step would be the implementation of an easy log-in with familiar login methods like Google or Facebook login and a guest account management system, that allows participating on the page without the need of understanding the mechanism of Steem or the Blockchain behind it. As the delegation of Resource Credit is still not possible, we will have to see if how we are setting up this system and how fast. The most important part here would be to be able to get users on the platform based on the content and not failing onboarding them due to the Steem login wall, as that can be postponed on a point when the users are established on the platform and would like to get access to their tokens.

6. Technical explanation about the background

We are creating the site based on the data of https://themoviedb.org. It was important for us to keep the usage familiar for Steem users but also to create a site that would be attractive and fun just for Movie and TV Show lovers, who does not have any relevance to the blockchain.

It is now more important than before to create reviews on TripleA with the requested Moviedb Link and your critic as otherwise, your content would not be that visible on the platform as before.

7. Personal thoughts

We are looking forward to launching Phase II for TripleA as soon as possible and also waiting for feedback from the community. We think especially after the integration of our guest account management system, that we will be able to start marketing activities that can get the attention from all Movie and TV Show lovers over the world.

Again we see the start of another great Dapp based on the Steem Blockchain and I think it prooves our bright future for this community.


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Excellent work @jayplayco and AAA team! This looks like an awesome update you've put together for the AAA community. The new UI will go a long way to attracting new Steem users that would normally make hard pass at the Steem UI.

A next big step would be the implementation of an easy log-in with familiar login methods like Google or Facebook login and a guest account management system, that allows participating on the page without the need of understanding the mechanism of Steem or the Blockchain behind it.

This. It's probably more important to make the onboarding easier than to keep all accounts and all their actions completely on the blockchain.

I also really like the screenshots you posted, looks really good. Finally a tribe that actually changes the ugly steemit.com interface to look more appealing.

Great upcoming update in TripleA and I am glad that I joined at right time. You have come a long way and will achieve many milestones.

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