Garden Corner 5 - 4/26/2019

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Here we are, in the fifth week of the garden corner and I am only one day late 😄 (I still have the intention to post this every Friday - it will happen some day lol)

As I said in the first post, this is an initiative both on Steem and on Instagram. If you tag me in your garden post on Instagram, I will give you a heart ❤️ If you participate on Steem, you will get a resteem, an upvote (that means money), and a chance to win Steem Basic Income units (that means money as well). In case you are reading this on Instagram and are ready to join the wonderful world of Steem, I am happy to help you with an account. And an FYI - you can instantly share your Instagram posts to Steem via Share2Steem. Two for one - what could be better?

Back to the Garden Corner.

Garden Corner #4 had three entries on Steem. Thank you @erikah, @exator, and @simplymike for entering!! Since this is still new and I love that you all are participating, I am giving each of you 2 Steem Basic Income units. Thank you and make sure to share your Garden again this week!

I am traveling right now. Before I left, It was getting hot and my friend and I worked like crazy to get as much irrigation in as possible.

When I get back, we shall see if it all worked as planned.

Today, I am going to show you some pictures of the garden of the house I am in right now. My husband is working on the Navajo Reservation and he is living in a house he is assigned to while he is working here.

When I was here last time, there was very little plant presence - but after the winter with lots of snow, all kinds of things are growing. It is a wild meadow garden 😂

I am sitting on the porch to post this 👍

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I'll set a notification, to make sure I don't forget to join. I've been wanting to do a decent gardening post for like three weeks, but
A. I cant seem to find the time
B. I honestly don't know where to start. So much is going on right now.

But I should be able to make an IG post tomorrow or Monday for sure. Thanks for the shares!!

You are welcome. And an Insta post is just fine :)

Really glad you are here to make posts like this one. I find anything gardening related with photos so refreshing, even if it's filled with dandelions.

Thank you so much. I hope you will join us with some pictures of your own - as you can see, we appreciate weeds too 😄

How beautiful!
Those dandelions made my mouth water! If i were there I'd be grazing the front yard dande'patch!

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I know, they are so good!!

My sister lives in Farmington and they are always way ahead of us, out here in Western Mass. So many dandelions! We've just had our 1st one 10 days ago...

I am usually in San Diego and there is a year-round growing season - I can't even imagine anymore to live in a winter climate. Feel free to share your garden dreams if there is no garden yet - but I know you have at least one dandelion 😄

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I really appreciate your kindness and generosity! I hope I can enter the next one :)

You are very welcome. It doesn't have to be a complicated post - and failures are welcome to be shared as well :)

I made it, here's my entry Gardening Report - April 29. 2019 🙂

I am writing a post as I comment lol. I am not sure of timing and I think @simplymike might just have a stroke: I've been promising to post about our garden for over a year now. Please don't, Mike! lol

I love that meadow - some of those flowers look familiar to me which makes me wonder if we have similar plants here in South Africa. Safe travels if you're now heading home!

I am looking forward to it!

lol, as I commented on your post: you hád an entry this time, you just didn't submit it, hahaha.

Hahahaha! I should really make reminders for myself. lol

@simplymike, @erikah,
@fionasfavourites each received 2 SBI :)

Next garden corner going up shortly - we are traveling.Screen Shot 20190504 at 8.32.06 AM.png

Yay, thank you so, so, much!!! You're an angel! I'm drafting the next post, you'll see it worth it 😍 🤗
I love this green, gardening thing!

Thanks a lot. Enjoy the traveling! :0)

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Oh wow! Thank you. Safe and happy travels.

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I was looking for your new post but can't find it. Mine is out. Where can i drop the link? :)

Erika, I am traveling and didn't have access to the internet. No service area 🤪

I will try to have it up tonight.

I just dropped my link, no worries about the delay, all is good :)

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