Some corners of our garden

I know I’ve been banging on about no rain, no water and drought and then rain and not having enough water - for about two, no three years. I guess with water as the source of life, it is what it is. That said, we’ve had a bit of good rain; the municipality has partially lifted the water restrictions and the weather’s a little cooler and kinder to the garden. During last year we installed a grey water system, but when there’s only two of you, it really isn’t enough. We, er, The Husband, has persevered with the vegetables; the former stock farmer is beginning to embrace things like crop rotation and, wait for it: companion planting and, wait for it: planting based on the phases of the moon. I kid you not. The nascent scientist in him has seen the benefits: the dill which we’ve never grown successfully, is self-sown from the mother plants grown among last year’s onions and which have appeared in among the Swiss Chard. Then there’s the Italian parsley that was planted between the tomatoes and which is still flourishing.

Autumn plantings of peas (two lots at different times); broad (fava) beans and carrots are already well developed. Today, as the moon is waning, he planted two beds of garlic.

That our vegetable garden is beginning to do what it should makes me and my soul happy! Here is a selection of photos that I took on Friday - in the cool early-ish morning and today which is over 30°C so some things, if you look closely, are a little wilted.

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There it is - today's contribution

Until next time
The Sandbag House
McGregor, South Africa

Photo: Selma

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Thank you! That makes three consecutive weeks. I'm going to try and go for thee fourth in a row even though @traciyork's challenge officially ends tomorrow. See what you've done, Traci? Created a monster!



Oh, and congrats on the three in a row, and I have no doubt you'll make four!

Thank you for that delightful monster and thank you for the tip. I will lay the blame squarely in front of your dancing shoes. Hope you will join me. Only 5 more days...😉

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I wish you good luck for this new target! @fionasfavourites

Yes!! That is fantastic!! Thank you so much for joining in!! Love it when people learn new ways :)

Thanks so much for participating in the fourth week of #SteemBloPoMo! It's been wicked awesome to see other people jumping aboard, and it's helping to keep me motivated as well. And to show my appreciation, here's a - !tip

I cannot believe that I have actually done it! You are a star!

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Make wanna grow my own vegetables 🌶 🍅

You should! It's so rewarding #justsaying. And thanks for stopping by

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Great veggie patch! I wish we had enough room for a vegetable ptach... we did use to have a bean and veggie area... but that has given room for other more ornamental plants... that said, we still have herbs, a grape vine, blackberries and maybe a cherry tree... possibly a apple tree in the future... wel'll see.... but we don't have the crazy amount of sun that you have, on the other hand... we have too much water!

You know, when I had a very small patch of soil, I still grew edibles like tomatoes, lettuce and chard between the ornamentals. Some ornamentals are great companion plants e.g. Rose's and strawberries. The Husband was amazed at what I grew in a patch about 5m square. It's only since we've been in McGregor and bought the adjacent plot that we've really had space. Actually, I should find some photos of our tiny veggie patch in Cape Town

It’s so exciting to see a garden flourishing! I’m just getting ready to plant for the spring, so this is truly a sight for sore eyes.

Looking great! There's really so much to learn when it comes to the science of the garden. Even then Mother Nature sometimes has her own idea of what works and what doesn't. Those aubergines are calling to me. We have another month or so until they explode here! One year we had so many in our garden I started getting a bit exhausted coming up with ways to use them. Though I will never turn away a good baba ganoush or ratatouille! :)

Well, those little babies are what are about to go into the oven and get stuffed! LOL Playing with ideas for the vegetarian option for Sunday Suppers. Somewhere I have a great recipe for pickling them. They are absolutely divine pickled. With garlic and oregano.....

I really am going to the kitchen now!

Oooh, pickled is one way I haven't tried them. I must really eat lunch now...🤣

And the carnivorous Husband enjoyed them stuffed! Will share that a bit later it can't be a proper contribution to #fruitsandveggiesmondays because it's not vegan....

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Saw it on IG and it looks superb!!

Thank you!

I thought I'd shared the pickled brinjal recipe on my old blog, but I didn't. I will have to find it and do something about that if you'd like it.

I would definitely love to see that one if you happen upon it or have the time to do a quick write up. :)

Your garden is lovely and I am quite jealous! - well done to hubby.

It's coming back slowly, Liz. The icebergs didn't flower after their spring flush and now only after the rain. Let's hope we have some decent rain this winter.

I think our winters are changing - plants are also confused.

It's going to be interesting. Last winter wasn't as cold or as wet. I confess our icebergs were also cut back too hard after that first flush which, together with the lack of water had an impact I have no doubt.

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Lol, this would have been perfect to submit for the garden journal challenge, which closed today. :0P

Oh well... next time, perhaps. With a throwback to this one!

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Wow, I just love your garden, all the veggies are so fresh and green, feels like grabbing them and eat it! Hahaha....

Most welcome Fiona!

Water is crucial, even on the Garden Route it's scarce. Your garden is looking impressive.

Thanks so much!

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@fionasfavourites, Yes, sometimes we see the harsh side of weather and in that phase gardens and crop lands become dry land and the growth really stops. Great to know that now it rained in good amount and now your Garden is fulfilling. Hope that now nature will transfer more blessings to you. Stay blessed.

Oh yes, we know all about

crop lands become dry land and the growth really stops
So we are really happy about the rain.

Be well, and thanks for stopping by @chireerocks

Welcome and have a abundant time ahead.

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