Guess The Character! 3D Stylization Of ...?

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Dear Steemians,

here‘s my take on an iconic moviestars look in 3D, I sculpted for a Portrait Contest by @sethlinson.
I used Zbrush to sculpt the model and Blender to create the hair and the accessories.
This project took me about 3 days. 4-5 hours of sculpting, 2 hours for details in Blender and about another 3 hours for the hair. I could add another 3 hours, just to try to style the short wavy hair in the right way^^ The rest was just touch ups and finding the right lighting and of course rendering.


I started of with ZSpheres in Zbrush to create a raw form of the bust and just use the Move-, Standard- or Clay Build Up- Brush at this point to form the bust.


I exported the model as obj and imported it in Blender. I replaced the eyes in Blender and added another sphere with a glass shader, to create the cornea. To complete the eyes, I added lashes, which I already had, but needed to adjust to the current models‘ eyes.


I changed the position of the shoulders a bit and extruded a part of the the bust and then simply separated it to create a pullover. To keep the polys low, I deleted the lower part of the model. The next step is adding hair with the particle system, so I started with the brows and moved forward to the hair. To keep the hair a bit divers and not too uniformed, I had to create different sets of Particle Sytems to have different kind of strands. Rendering hair requires a considerable amount of processing power, so I just made the front strands visible for the render and kept the back part bald.


The final step is texturing the model, but this time I wanted to keep the black & white look of the 50‘s and just used b&w tones. It was a bit weird, also a lot harder then I would have imagined... I guess now I would color her differently and just photoshop it later, but I instantly thought of the movie Pleasantville, where Tobey Maguires‘ character gets sucked in his favorite b&w sitcom.
I kind of watched that film a lot when I was younger when it was on tv. So weird that nowadays with Netflix and all you just choose what you want to watch or sometimes can‘t even decide and before you had no other choice, if you didn‘t want to watch dvds. I guess now I have to rewatch it again:D

Anyhow- that‘s the end of this blog post, hope you liked it. My next blogpost will be an animation of my Maiko project (Yes! Finally:D) and I will be focusing on mystical characters and animals next:)
Until then, thanks a lot for reading and feel free to check out my other 3D projects and please let me know what you think. I am always open for ideas and tips!

Mystic Girl | Dapper-Owl Gramophone Animation | Charlie Lou, the Alligator | Surfer Girl Animation



Oo wow that’s so impressive

thank you:)

You welcome unique artist

Seriously this is your field and I've never seen anyone as good as you are, even if I practice for months I may not get it cos o also do some work On photoshop

You are a genius!

Oh no, that's too much of a praise! But thank you a lot!! That really lifts me up, but I'll work on becoming a better and better 3D artist. There is work to do:)

Yes Just don't stop

It's Audrey Hepburn. The likeness is unmistakable. 😍

Good job on the sculpting and modeling. 👍

Btw, I'm a 3D artist too. 😉

Yey, fellow 3D artist! I thought nobody would recognize:( ^^ Thanks a lot. I'll check your page:)

You're welcome, my Blender sister! Great to meet another of our kind. :)

That's gotta be Audrey Hepburn, no mistaking her look.

I really like the choice to keep it black and white.

Thank you:)

Great result, @jellenmark! I will wait for your new works.

Thanks! I am on it:)

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