I cannot tell if I join since the photo/prompt does not load with me but I resteemed. 💕

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Do you have facebook? I'm Tristan J Carax. Friend me and I'm post the picture there.

Maybe instagram?

@tristancarax No sorry I don't use FB I will wait and see if I can sooner or later.❤️

First Blood!

What did you do differently, sir?

Writing style, ha ha! Don't want to spoil your surprise. :)

I just noticed this morning that I hadn't set my image sources as I usually do, but I added a statement to the post saying all images are from Pixabay, which they are. Sorry, I don't know how I missed that!

No worries, bro. You're all good. I'm sure the artists will apreciate it though.

How cool! I'm going to have to try my hand at this.

Thanks for hosting this contest 😃

Good luck everyone!


I can't wait to read your entry.

Hereby my entry. Happy Sunday. 💕

What matters

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You found a way to join us. Awesome.

@tristancarax Yes, I drove to the library on Saturday and sat outside in the freezing cold in my car and used that connection. 😉

Wow. Now that is dedication to the work.

@tristancarax It simply sucks if you cannot take part 😭

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