100 Word Story Contest. Week Three. 20 STEEM and 700 TRAIL to be Won.

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The best things come in small parcels.

The greatest thinkers use the fewest words.

Condensing a story into 100 words is the task set before you. You have the capacity for characterisation and generation of mood, but choose your words wisely!

The 100 Word Story Contest is designed to stretch your imagination and indulge your vocabulary. How evocative can you be? How can you awaken the senses?


Image: Pixabay

SteemTrail and @ebryans are excited to present this engaging initiative. On a weekly basis there will be a new theme about which to write your 100 word (or less) stories – poems are more than acceptable, as are multiple entries.


Image: Pixabay

100 Word Contest Regulations

  1. Participants are to submit their stories in posts with the #100words Tag as the primary tag. You have to use the 'hash'! Otherwise you will be told that the tag must start with a letter.
  2. More than one entry is permitted, though this may be reviewed!
  3. All entries must be in English.
  4. Organisers reserve the right to publish all entries submitted.
  5. The contest will run from Monday to Saturday. All entries must be submitted by 6pm NY time on Saturday, 1st April, hence the theme.

The Theme for this week is:


Prizes are as follows:
1st place receives 400 TRAIL and 10 STEEM
2nd place receives 200 TRAIL and 6 STEEM
3rd Place receives 100 TRAIL and 4 STEEM

Special thanks to @meesterboom for his generous sponsorship of this initiative.

The winning stories will be announced each Sunday and published here on steemit and on other Social Media Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.


The organisation of this contest has been given huge support by the guys at SteemTrail.

If you have not already done so, head over to the SteemTrail Discord server and check out what they’re up to.

You will need an Open Ledger Account which is free. Simply click the Trail Coin and follow the instructions. For a Streemian Account, click the Streemian logo.


Thank you from your 100 Words Contest organiser, please follow, upvote, resteem, generally be terribly nice to @ebryans


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This is amazing, this story will be fun, and educational at the same time.


That is the very essence of our steemit journey. We all obliviously play our role in creating this fun and ultimate learning same as your comment here will incite more steemians to join the fun and create more!
Alway remember to comment away!

A great contest! I hope to read some great little stories!


Thank you @meesterboom, much appreciated. There are some fantastic little stories from week two - I have sent them far and wide across the internet. I have found short story groups in Facebook and Twitter ... we are gathering momentum. Your help in getting this up and running is very much appreciated and valued. Thank you.
Writing Trail has another contest which I am announcing in an hour or two. I hope you enjoy that one too!


I will be sure to keep an eye out for it!

I will be writing one this week. Hope to see this contest grow. 100 words is a good length for this site.


Great stuff, @whatageek! Always good to read your work.

en stor tävling thank


Min glädje, tack för att släppa in och för era vänliga kommentarer.

brilliant contest and initiative - gets my higher vote today! I won @htooms's contest and I am voting with power now. #takemyvotes


Thank you my good friend.

ok this week i will join!


Fantastic, looking forward to your story ... or stories - more than one is allowed.

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amazing photo . your are a great man