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Greetings, all steemit friends ...
Hope all of you are doing well. On the occasion of tonight, I would like to show you the results of my today's photography.



The flowers of this plant have a beauty that is no less beautiful than other flowers, but behind this beauty this flower has a pungent smell if we pluck it and destroy it.

vivoy 50.jpg

I took a picture of this flower using the VIVO Y50 Type Smartphone Camera. Thank you for your time to visiting my blog. I hope my friends like the photography I share.
Best Regards @yanis01



Bagus, bunga yang satu ini warnanya sangat lembut.

Ia bang @midiagam, bunga yang satu ini memang cantik,namun tidak untuk baunya. 😁

Owh, berarti cukup dipandang saja 😃

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