Fabric mask production amid Covid-19 Outbreaks

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In the midst of the outbreak of Covid-19, the community contributed to wearing cloth masks to overcome the scarcity of masks in the community. People who care about health, try to produce their own masks made from cloth. Whether it's still good fabric or cloth collected from used materials or patchwork.

Most who process these cloth masks are women. Indonesian women are very creative and care about shared health. Sometimes they produce cloth masks as a charity field, by donating masks to people in need. However not a few also produce and sell at affordable prices. Thus the economy was helped in the PSBB period in some regions that had set it.

In a situation that is squeezed as it is today, the SMEs, really need the encouragement and support of the government to continue to be petrified so that the movement of this cloth mask continues and is beneficial. It is time for the government to help finance MSMEs, with whatever assistance, be it the budget, tools or sewing machines, or in the form of cloth assistance. Small businesses that have been engaged in producing pure cloth masks are their own initiative to keep moving to assist the government in meeting the increasing needs of masks.

Reportedly the government began recommending the efforts of people who produce fabric masks in anticipation of the spread of an increasingly massive virus by wearing cloth masks. And public awareness to keep optimistic about maintaining health and staying at home.

Teten Masduki revealed in a media, we also quoted him. More or less like this #MaskerKainUntukSemua movement in the form of an invitation voiced @kemenkopukm official account to citizens to participate in socializing this movement by posting their selfies using a mask. He hopes that with this movement the level of public awareness of the urgency of using cloth masks will increase. Teten Masduki also stressed that to follow this movement can be through the website www.maskeruntukSemua.com & instagram @kemenkopukm.

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keren maskernya 😃

keren maskernya 😃

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