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Hello steemian friends wherever you are, meet again with me @iqbal-pasee, one of the atomians member in Indonesia.

On this occasion I will discuss about the causes of hepatitis. In my previous article, I have said that there are two causes of hepatitis, namely viral and non-viral.

Let's start with viral hepatitis, friends, the first is hepatitis A, this type of virus will spread if the level of hygiene is low, transmission can be through direct contact with feces or through food and drink contaminated with the virus.

The second is the hepatitis B virus, this virus is transmitted through sexual contact, blood transfusions, or it can also be transmitted from mother to baby.

The third is the Hepatitis C virus, this virus is transmitted through direct contact with blood, generally through needles or syringes that are used interchangeably.

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Fourth is hepatitis D, hepatitis D only occurs in people infected with hepatitis B, so the transmission is not much different from hepatitis B.

Fifth, hepatitis E, hepatitis E transmission is the same as hepatitis A, namely through fecal contamination.

For non-viral hepatitis, the causes vary, including frequent drinking of alcohol, taking drugs that have side effects of liver disorders in excessive doses, metabolic and autoimmune disorders, and can also be caused by parasitic, fungal, or bacterial infections.

"Remember prevention is much better than cure"

So much information from me about the causes of hepatitis, hopefully it will be useful and look forward to the next tips in my post.

Thank you for dropping by at my writing. Until we meet again in my next writing.

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