Looking for the Dana in Steemit, Strengthening Nepotism |

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In the ecosystem, here, they are looking for the Dana, just as geisa do it. You can read it in Memoirs of Geisha or watch the movie. The Danais not in the sense of budget as in Indonesian which means money or budget. The Dana in geisha terms are those that support a particular sub-community that only has a limited impact on that sub-community, but not the platform as a whole.

In fact, that is why the sub-community is also not suitable because they only consist of a few people who already have a network with the Dana. In the past, the term "whale" was very popular here. But not all whales want to become Dana, because there are also people with great power who have no ties to anyone, anything.

A sub-community is part of a community that has a wide network, not just the people they know, less than 10 people. It's more like a gang. Hence, the term sub community is also too good for them.

And they are the beneficiaries of a relationship with the Fund. Only for a few of them, with low quality because Dana doesn't really care about quality because it doesn't want to pay attention to content.

In fact, some Funds that provide benefits to this sub-community (for decency, this term is more appropriate), seek stronger Funds through proposals that at first glance look perfect. The proposals themselves only look good on paper, but on the ground only for the benefit of the sub-communities themselves. Check out some of the projects, they are just engrossed in themselves. Many projects have no impact on adding community members or strengthening communities around the world.

That's how it goes. If you want to survive you have to join the sub-community and only enjoy crumbs that are not very nutritious. Hard work and quality are no longer guarantees. It is not surprising then that many members of the community choose to step aside, or just simply do it with various motivations, including for example having become their passion even though the reward is lower than a grain of sugar.

Is this a voice of despair over not getting Dana? No. I never looked for the Dana, never questioned rewards from Dana or from anyone. I'm just developing a passion. It's that simple, the rest is by-side effects.[]


Untuk menjadi serigala yang berjalan sendirian sangatlah sulit. Alih-alih ingin menguasai sebuah passion, dia malah menjadi bahan olok-olok. Sang serigala pun hanya bisa menundukkan wajahnya sambil menyimpan sisa-sisa kegarangannya. Perlahan mulai bangkit dan berusaha untuk mengembalikan panggungnya. Dan para geng pun berpesta pora.

Begitu the of the game yang berlaku di Steemit juga di Hive. So, nikmati saja yang bisa kita nikmati sehingga semuanya berlalu tanpa beban.

Kiban @teukumukhlis? Seunang that lon droeneuh ka aktif lom.

Mulai dari nol. Lagi cari celah yang mana bagus peluang.

Selama aktif lom, 01 baroe sigoe dijak bak lon.

Saban lage lon cit. Tapi jijak atawa hana, hana masalah. Nyoe dijak, alhamdulillah. Hana dijak, astaufirullah. Hehehehehe.....

Selamat atas kemenangan nya @ayijufridar makin semangat

There is no way to deny it at all, as it is a fact of the world we are living in. But as you said, some of the community members are developing their passion instead of only looking for benefit of Dana, actually, those who still keep quality in mind will eventually survive even not with Dana, This thought also brought us to think about making the community stronger. Indeed it is only a small step, but at least while waiting for a further step to be taken. Those who only think about taking instant benefits will no longer survive in this transition process.

It is really a hot topic to discuss and looking for solution bang @ayijufridar. Salut!