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01coin continues to work towards completing our immediate-term tasks that we identified during our planning & coordination meeting on April 19. In this instalment of the 01coin Project Update, we highlight what we've been working on over the past two weeks.

Community Updates

  • The 01VPS.net Migration Sale has ended. It was a fairly successful sale, resulting in 14 new client sign-ups, 31 new VPS orders, and two referral reward cash-outs - one of which went straight into the ZOC donation address (thanks!). We do not expect to have another sale until Black Friday - so congrats to all who managed to snag themselves a pretty good deal on a new VPS.

  • Talking about the donation address, up until now we had been using it as the repository for 01VPS.net revenue since it was our only multisignature address. Well, we finally got our [censored] together and compiled a new multisignature address that will specifically be used for 01VPS.net revenues. The new 01VPS.net address can be found here. Most importantly, this helps clarify how much ZOC is available to help fund potential new marketing and development initiatives, as the donation address is its own thing once again, and can be found here.

  • As a reminder, 01coin Project Manager deadthings has pledged to match every ZOC, BTC or ETH donated to any of our donation addresses. To find out what the addresses are for our donation wallets, simply do !donations anywhere in our Discord server.


  • We mention this now because it appears the crypto bull run may have begun. Bitcoin has doubled since last month and is currently trading over $8000 USD as of this writing. Sooner or later, it will reach an accumulation phase and the alts will start to climb too. When alt season begins, it will be beneficial to launch some promotional campaigns in support of 01coin - and that's exactly the sort of thing the funds in the donation wallets can be used for, depending on community approval.

BTC on the move; Has the bull run begun?

  • The zocteam is pleased to welcome CryptoTony3 as its newest member, joining the team as a moderator. Like COIN (german) before him, CryptoTony3 worked his way up through the Chain of Trust with consistent contributions to the community discourse on Discord.

Wallet and Core Development

  • Work is currently underway to update 01coin Sentinel. Updates to Sentinel will a) update all the unit tests to be 01coin-specific, and b) add a Windows Sentinel release version for users who wish to run a Windows-based masternode.

  • It is looking increasingly likely that a new wallet will have to be released prior to our planned Dash Evo merge. There are a few pressing issues, in particular, that we feel are high enough priorities that we ought not wait until the larger merge project has been completed.

  • Chiefly among those pressing issues is one that would fulfill a promise the zocteam made to the community a long time ago - enabling IPv6 masternodes. A community debate was held in December 2018 wherein the 01coin community was unanimously in favour of enabling IPv6 masternodes, yet 01coin remains an IPv4-only masternode coin today, five months later.

  • As a result, we now expect to create one additional wallet release prior to the Dash Evo merge, which was not in our original plans. This will have the beneficial impact of making the 01coin blockchain more secure prior to the release of the Dash Evo merge. But, it will have the disadvantageous impact of further delaying the Dash Evo merge, and thus the implementation of governance.

Look at all those zeros and ones!

Ancillary Services Development

  • The new 01coin.io website has been soft launched! Have a look and let us know what you think!

Introducing the most community-centric website in all of crypto

  • It is a soft launch, because we continue to work towards implementing a few features including a knowledge base and a promotional video.

01VPS.net Updates

  • The 01VPS.net domain transfer from its previous owner to the zocteam has completed. That was the last outstanding item to be transferred, and the zocteam is now in complete control of 01VPS.net.

  • As mentioned earlier, the 01VPS.net Migration Sale is now over. Hope you had a chance to grab your cheap VPS while you had the chance!

  • APR Coin won the April vote to have an automatic one-click masternode setup recipe added to 01VPS.net. Click here to learn how to setup your APR Coin masternode on 01VPS.net.


01VPS.net welcomes APR Coin to the family!

  • The Noir (NOR) recipe was updated twice since the last Project Update. The first update upgraded the recipe to install v1.0.1.1, which was a mandatory wallet update for Noir. The second upgraded it again to, which is not a mandatory update. If you have already updated to, you do not have to update again. However, v1.0.1.2 fixes some syncing issues due to blocked Zerocoin transactions - so if you are having trouble syncing, another update is recommended. To update your Noirnode, simply click on the recipe again.

  • The Giant (GIC) recipe was updated to install the new, mandatory v1.3.0.0 release. To update, simply slick on the recipe again. Please note that due to a protocol version change, you will have to do "Start Alias" again after updating.

  • Recently, some users have ordered new X-Small and Small6 packages, only to be surprised to find they cannot login to them. Please remember all X-Small and Small6 packages are IPv6 only, and your PC will have to pass this test in order to be able to access them directly.

  • A server bug was discovered wherein the price recalculation processor was not running properly. This has affected some accounts for several months, causing certain users to be vastly undercharged for 01VPS.net services. We have fixed this problem, and now all users will be charged the correct amount. We apologize for this inconvenience!


Great Update!!.. Hey look that Evolution all those zeros and ones! hehehe...

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