I love your art, and wonderful imagination! Good luck friend in the contest❣️

Thank you! Good luck to you as well.

Hola no había visto la imagen detrás del reloj de arena.. Mucha suerte amiga..

Muchas gracias, amiga!
Mi hombre te ve...

That's some creative artistry there! I like the skull in there! Awesome! Good luck in the contest!

Thank you. The skull was simply part of the best lab scene I could find - I was thinking "mad scientist" rather than an apothecary, but you find what you find. :-)
It certainly adds depth to the character.

Thanks for stopping by.

I love the different textures and colours you used to fill the spaces in this stencil. They give the design a material-like surface and the colours work well to contrast one another. I especially like the colours and textures in the 'binoculars' of the center ornament. It's really clever how you set the scene of a mad scientist around the image and even had him staring at us through the design too!

Thanks for entering and supporting the #zencolouringcontest! Sorry for the late response in accepting your entry!


Please name your suggestion for next week's featured colour!

I'm glad to see that you're back! I've missed your stencils!
Glad you liked this one too - it was fun!

I think we should be going all Christmassy with plenty of red and green...

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You were voted the favourite by the community!!

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