Entry for the Zen Colouring Contest #28

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Entry for the Zen Colouring Contest #28

This week the featured color (or colors) was "Pastel Colors". And, although @Magiccleatus only gave an example of a few pastel colors, there are many, many colors that would fit this category. As an artist & art instructor, I know that you get a "pastel color" whenever you add white to another color. Another word for a "pastel" color would be a "tint".  Adding white to any color gives you a tint, and reversely, adding black to any color gives you a "shade". Kinda interesting, kinda basic. Probably only really interesting to people who are into color theory. But, oh well.

And, since it wasn't limited to any one particular pastel color, why not throw the whole rainbow in there, right? 

So - I basically created a rainbow for each tuft of fur on this lion dude. Then I put white washes over them, some more, some less - to get the pastel effect. I left his spots with full punchy color. I think having select tufts be black helped accentuate the other colors.

After I had him all colored in (using Photoshop), he looked like this:

I figured this guy might need more stuff going on around him in the background. There are always a bunch of artists in these contests that do some really cool effects in the backgrounds.  So, this week, I decided to add some of my own artwork. I used a painting of blooming poppies (which was actually part of a collaboration I did on Steemit over a year ago). I really like doing collaborations with other artists here on Steemit! Probably my favorite thing to do here!

And, I also used a painting that was a collaboration between myself, my mother, and my daughter. I did a post about this painting, too. 

And, voila! It all seems to fit together pretty nicely! Thanks for another fun & inspiring colouring contest, @Magiccleatus!  I'd like to choose silver for the featured color next week.

If you aren't familiar with these Zen Colouring Contests, you definitely need to head over to this week's post and jump in! Here's a link:  Zen Colouring Contest #28


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I love the pastel rainbow streaks of his mane, The black parts between really help the colours stand out. I'm glad you expanded the example palette of colours. I also love that you left the spots as their original colour as it helps them stand out. The combination of collaborative backgrounds is a excellent touch!

Thank you for entering and supporting the #zencolouringcontest!


Thanks for naming Silver! as your suggestion for next weeks featured colour!

An additional thank you for using the 'Community Signature' GIF!

Honourable Mention, Well done!!

Great Entry! Thank you for participating!