Zen Colouring Contest #19 - A chance to WIN SBD by colouring a weekly pattern!

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Hey Steemians!

Week 19 of #zencolouringcontest starts now! (Sorry for the delay! Temporary adjustments to the schedule have been implemented to make up for it.)

Each week I will provide a stencil to be coloured in with no restrictions on the medium used, with a chance to win 45% of this posts payout and the weeks' donations for 1st place.

To add a little twist and interaction within the community, there will be a featured colour each week, picked at random from entrant's choices. This colour must be used in some way in your interpretation (use as little or as much of the featured colour as you like).


The featured colour this week is Blue
Below is a screen capture of the random picker's selection:
(with example shades of the colour)

W19 Colour.PNG


The contest will run week to week, to provide enough time for entrants to colour in the pattern. It's Zen for a reason!

This week's contest will run as follows:

Tuesday 19th, 21:00 CET - 'Week Starts' post
Tuesday 26th, 12:00 CET - 'Week Ending' post
Tuesday 26th, 15:00 CET - 'Winners Showcase' post
Tuesday 26th, 18:00 CET - 'New Week Starts' post
(CET - Central European Time)

No entries are accepted after the 'Week Ending Post'.


  • Download the Stencil provided below.
  • Colour the Stencil in any way you wish.
  • Any medium is accepted, digital, traditional or otherwise.
  • Must UPVOTE and RESTEEM this post.
  • Create your own post titled: i.e. ...Entry for Zen Colouring Contest #19...
  • Add your final coloured piece to your entry post.
  • In your entry, state which colour you would pick for next week's featured colour.
  • The FEATURED COLOUR this week is Blue
  • Make sure your first tag is #zencolouringcontest.
  • Only 1 entry per Steemer.
  • You don't have to be an artist. Anyone can enter! People of all ages!
  • Leave a comment on this post with a link to your entry so it can be easily found.
  • Encourage each other by upvoting and commenting on other entries in the #zencolouringcontest tag!
  • You can add lines and shapes, so long as the main pattern remains visible.

All accepted entries will be resteemed by me and the following badge will appear on your entry post, so that you know it has been accepted:


Here is this week's Stencil:

click the image for full size, then right click the full size image and save the image.

Load the stencil image into your favourite art software on your phone, tablet or PC. Or print it out and use traditional forms of colouring! The image is sized to A4 paper for ease of printing.


I am judging the contest and will choose the winners based on creativity and originality

The prizes for this week are:

1st place - 45% of post payout + donations

2nd place - 30% of post payout + donations

3rd place - 15% of post payout + donations

Honourable Mention

Winners will receive the corresponding badge as a comment on their entry when the 'Winners Showcase' is posted. Prizes will be handed out when this post pays out.


Would you like to help support the contest further? Whether you are an entrant or an admirer, If you would like to make a small donation towards the prize pool, please send it with the memo 'ZenColouring # Donation!'.
I myself will be donating 0.25 SBD to the prize pool each week.

@gardeningchef donated 2.0 SBD last week, Thank you!


This weeks stencil was inspired by insects, particularly the Scarab Beetle. In previous weeks I had made a butterfly and a dragonfly, so to keep the theme running and because it's been many weeks since the butterfly I decided to bring in another winged bug! Maybe there'll be other creatures and critters in future stencils. I hope you enjoy colouring this one!

Have fun, but most importantly have a relaxing zen-colouring sesh!


Join the Zen Colouring Discord Server:

Share your entry,
Talk with me & other colouring enthusiasts,
Listen to music & colour the stencil together,
and get exclusive #zencolouringcontest news & updates.

Don't miss your chance to be part of this ever expanding community!


You must have a Discord account with a verified email!


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If you have any suggestions or ideas about the contest please leave a comment below and your input will be displayed here in future posts.




This is a great image love the look so much, and the color blue is perfect! Thank you for making my week even more fun. Brilliant @magiccleatus, bless you friend have a wonderful week❣️

Thanks @lildebbiecakes. I thought that too about the colour blue, almost as if it were fate! I'm glad I can add some more fun to your week, it's nice to know how this contest can effect people all over the world!

Wow I love this weeks stencil. I can’t wait to see what everyone does with this one! Please find a small donation in your wallet.

Thank you so much @sallybeth23! My community will be thrilled!

You are creative person good luck to u

Thank you.

I like too many designs of the beetle, it should be difficult to judge this week

Awsome coloring and background design @tormenta!

Gracia @lildebbiecakes saludos tu tambien hiciste un hermoso diseño.

Te quedó bellísimo! Buena suerte ♥

Las sombras que usaste realzan muchísimo el diseño. Muy bonito

Me gusta como combinaste las alas con ese hermoso azul claro

So beautiful! I spent probably too many minutes zooming in on the various little details of the wings and I am in awe! ! ! *edited typo *

I love this how you colored and created this this beetle to be looked upon by a magnifying glass, very clever @jade17❣️

Very creative ♥

Hello everyone! I don't like bugs but it was fun to do this. Here's my entry :)
The Big Bug - Zen Colouring Contest #19


Thanks for the new link, I shall amend it in my posts now. :D

You got a 25.76% upvote from @dailyupvotes courtesy of @magiccleatus!

Hi! this is my Entry :3

mandala 19.jpg

I make other post inspired in the contest, hope you see it! :3 itachi24j mandala

This is absolutely gorgeous, I love the ancient Egypt images in the background. Goes perfectly with this Scarab Beetle. Good luck friend❣️

Thank you my friend :3 your beetle is beutiful! :3

WOW, beautiful! The gold and blue are stunning!!

Wow! Wonderful! ♥ Good luck

Resteemed by @resteembot! Good Luck!
Check @resteembot's introduction post or the other great posts I already resteemed.

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