Entry for Zen Colouring Contest #19...

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Cool contest ! https://steemit.com/zencolouringcontest/@magiccleatus/zen-colouring-contest-19-a-chance-to-win-sbd-by-colouring-a-weekly-pattern

I Love it, thank you for allowing me to participate too. = )
lori art scene 6.png

If it were up to me to pick the color theme for next week, I would choose the color of golden honey for sweet's sake. = )

This is my entry to the Zen Coloring Contest


I like the dark but light colour palette, the use of dark blues and black really highlight the beige and lighter colours. The pattern made by your placement of colours is beautiful!

Welcome to the #zencolouringcontest, thank you for your participation!


Thanks for naming Golden Honey! as your suggestion for next weeks featured colour!

Awesome. thank you!

Looks really good!
May be you will be interested in a new competition? https://steemit.com/quotizm/@peliken/quotizm-art-challenge-round-1

Thanks! I will check it out.

Honourable Mention, Well done!!

Great Entry! Thank you for participating!

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