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Greetings, Steemians!
The reissue is inspired by the photo, that to me, is mysterious by the magic of the dew. Mystery has caught our attention since ancient times. The drops of dew with its magical universe have penetrated the infinite veils of human fascination for the minuscule, which holds so many secrets. Each drop is in itself a door to the unknown which, for that very reason, invites us to cross, transforming itself into a magical portal for our dream trips and fantasies.

"To see a world within a grain of sand and the sky within a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour."

William Blake

Between his fingers, the magic

                                                                           The Infinite,
                                             lost in the lethargy
                              of immense
          grey skies,
                makes dance
                       the dewdrops
                            in an smile.

                              Like a miracle,
                                             his will
                                                       full of creatures
                                                                                          the heaven.

                                                                                         And between
                                                              his fingers,
                                       the magic.

                A silence
        of two notes
that rise
about nights
without names

An abyss
          what saves
                         between now
                                   and always.

                                An aurora
                what plasma
        The eternal
in seconds.

                    The nothing,
                         the vacuum
                              full of lights
                                        and the life that is being,
                                                                 renewing itself.

                                                                           The mystery
                                             looking at each other
                              in the mirror
          of the unnameable.

A universe
that wakes up
with every stealth
of silence.

     And, hanging,
                         among so much magnificence,
                                                                           looking for us
                                                                                 in others.

Entre sus dedos, magia

El Infinito
perdido en el letargo
de inmensos cielos grises,
hace bailar
desnudas gotas de rocío
en una sonrisa sin dueño.

Como un milagro,
su voluntad
llena de criaturas
serpenteantes el cielo.
Y entre sus dedos,

Un silencio
de dos notas
que se alzan
sobre noches
sin nombres.

Un abismo
que salva
la distancia
entre ahora
y siempre.

Una aurora
que plasma
lo eterno
en segundos.

La nada,
el vacío
lleno de luces
y vida
a sí misma.

El misterio
en el espejo
de lo innombrable.

Un universo
que despierta
con cada sigiloso
del silencio.

Y, en medio
de tanta magnificencia,
en otros.

Original poem by Zeleira Cordero (@corderozeleira)


Photo by Ionut Coman Photographer on Unsplash

Visual Art of the Human Body by Cecelia Webber

¡Te abrazo infinitamente, @onthewayout!

For your kind reading ... Simply THANKS

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