📊 ZCL Zclassic happy days again?

in zclassic •  4 months ago

I still got some ZCL stuck on a non-syncing windows wallet, maybe I get another initiative to try again?

It looks like wave 1, 2 and 3 is done, and Zclassic is now in a corrective wave 4. How deep will it go?
Wave 5 is my bullish count target, and highly unreliable.

On a longer term it is possible this up is just a little trap before going even deeper for months

These are just my thoughts, not a trading advice. Do your own research before buying or selling.
If you have another view on this post your welcome to discuss and post your charts in the comments.
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Did I miss some information that came out for Zclassic like an upcoming fork or something? Couldn’t find anything myself idk if this is a pump and dump or what..


There was some chatting about a fork yesterday at a discord, but I can't find it again. Was probably a totally different coin too..