Zappls First Steemmonster sale!

in #zappl3 years ago (edited)

First confirmed escrow trade for steemmonsters

We sold our level 2 Elemental phoenix to @clayboyn for 40sbd.

Thanks to @jarvie for acting as escrow.

We look forward t trading and playing with you all.


Congrats on your first Steemmonster sale!

steemmonster will be huge

Hello zappl!

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That was really fun to watch.

So much fun sir. Thanks for the 10 sbd the last time, it really help me sort a major need @aggroed

Haha ... making history!

That's not just the First for you... that's the first assisted/escrow trade for @SteemMonsters

Oh nice didn't know it was the first.

Yep that's why everyone was watching and we did it public. haha

Is it planned to make a tool to auto post from Twitter or GAB to zappl? This would be awesome.

I just saw that go down! awesome stuff. I just jumped in went 50 packs deep we'll see how it goes!

zappl loving it too ; )