Zappl Setting Up Full Nodes And Witness?

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Full Nodes:

So we have been talking it over with a few people and we might be doing this. We plan to do load balancing, and with that idea is to set up servers and nodes for each region making the app and services we make much quicker. We also have a plan to set up private nodes for the developer services Zappl plans to set up for bot and app creators.

World regions we want to set up full nodes:

Asia, east Asia and pacific islands
North America
South America
Australia - Might be with south east Asia. -
Middle East

And a few others if you feel we should set up nodes for these regions let us know.


Setting up a witness many people have said we should set up a witness and we feel it might be in our best interest to do so. So let us know do you think we would be a good witness for the network? Would you vote for us?

Would you vote for us? Well let us know below in a comment.

The Zappl Team

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Thanks for the update, @zappl! Regarding setting up of full nodes, I'm glad that Africa is on the list. Africa is a very large continent and would be interested to know which part of Africa. Europe as a continent is missing from that list. How do you plan to cater those living in Europe? On a lighter note, I can't wait to begin to zappl! Looking forward to your response. Thank you. Regards, Mary.

Sounds like a great plan should definitely set up a node for the Caribbean, we are between North America and South America.... I would definitely vote for you guys to be witnesses... you tag me when you have decided and I would vote for each of you... I just followed each of you guys and I would definitely be looking for a follow up.... keep the good work up

We have noticed some people talking about the Caribbean we will look into for sure.

Great.... they usually join in drones, so prepare yourself, I am always advertising... the shift is taking place as we speak

We will make sure to be ready x]

sounds great and remember to tag me so I be alerted so I do my best on my end... gonna definitely vote for each of you to be witnesses

Well thanks!

Thanks for the comment @daudimitch :) Your support is noted.

Good idea, a geodesic distribution of nodes would keep the network synced on a reasonably timely basis (not purely geodesic, but generally so).
Bucky Fuller and Arthur C. Clark would commend the design...

This is what we were thinking yes it might be a little costly but ehh. It better then being left there stuck having to rush to get something up and running.

Bucky is awesome... definitely will also depend on existing infrastructure timing and not just physical distribution... though that would be ideal... especially long term if the internet infrastructure can decentralize again.

Yes I would definitely vote for you/your team! Let's do this!

Glad to hear it!

Will definitely vote the team You recommend as Witnesses...

Thank You 4 giving me the opportunity to help and be involved...

@TheDegenSloth AND @Steemitqa

i will follow and keep voting

Well thanks for the support @anemona

Sweet thats gonna be awesome

Yes, it would be a good idea for you to be witnesses. Would vote for each of you.

This is amazing... It might be a good idea. I can't wait to try out zappl!


I would definitely vote for you. I don't have nearly all my witness votes filled, but I definitely take the time to vote on great developer projects like busy.witness etc.
I do not have the technical knowledge to understand how the ZAPPL nodes work in tandem with the Steem blockchain. Can you elaborate in a simple way? Just curious...

Zappl nodes would work the same we use the steem blockchain. Though we do have a plan to set up private nodes for our future developer services.

So it's basically a mirrored server to help Zappl performance? Does it carry the entire Steem blockchain on it as well so that it's not bottlenecked and dependent on other Steem servers? I've always been curious how many full instances of the blockchain there are around the world.

Not sure how many full there is
Uh yeah i guess you could say its for performance reasons.

What this said ^

This is a great idea!

Oh glad to hear it.

Yep, I will vote for Zappl as witness for the community.

Glad to hear it!

xoxoxo @battleaxe

Ohhhhh snap!

Well I haven't drained myself today.
So my 100% is yours bud

Well thanks anyways! @jonny-clearwater

Had to edit that... Turned out to be more than .69

Got lucky then woot!

I want to be a Zappl witness from Middle East... is their a opening for this region.

This is something a great breakthrough which makes @zappl shine in the long run.

Last night, at a dinner party of my friend.. I am sharing them about Zappl and all are excited like FOMO

The unexpected reaction is all of them are going to invest part of their BTC to STEEM instead signup on Steemit. I am sure, soon they gonna get on it.

The expected reaction is "When can we join on Zappl?"

Here in India soon.... you can see new steem nodes for sure. Zappl already getting a nice attraction here.

All the best and keep rolling !

glad to hear it!

Count me in for witness vote.

glad to hear it.

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Thanks for the support, on my posts it is appreciated!!!

Every day is such a struggle with my file and injuries, your constant support is making a tangible difference in my life and I mean this very much.

Thank you.

i will definetly vote to zappl

Glad to hear it!

Thanks for the update!

No problem.

you have my vote

glad to hear it

Got a vote from me!

Glad to hear it.

lets do it !


Would you vote for us?

definitely :)


Thanks, and don't forget to remind when

You got my vote.

Glad to hear it.

I'm all up for zappl ! Can't wait :)

Glad to hear it

Zappl will be fire

Much fire!

It will be the #1 thats for sure?

you have my vote.


As Europeans we're just humble and not complaining, that it's not in the list for a full node ; )

I would vote for you! I can't wait for Zappl release!

Glad to hear it!

If I use Zappl and like it (with I think I will) you can count me in for a witness vote.

Glad to hear it

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