Zappl Open Beta Launch OCT 20th - OCT 23rd

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Zappl Open Beta Postponed Till OCT 20th - OCT 23rd:

Zappl has cleared up its 3rd party issues and is currently moving to a reputable registrar that we can feel safe hosting the domain on.



We transferred it Wednesday, even though most companies don't take the 5-7 days this company decided it wants to. Not much we can do about that. There is a chance it could come early, which could lead to an earlier launch.


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Thank you for the update @zappl.

Sounds like we will be....zappling....soon.......Sweet.

All the best. Cheers.

Thank you @bleujay for being patient on all this! :)

Feeling real now!

Thats for sure.

Thank You for this great project! Looking forward to test it out :) Cheers!

Thanks @moee !

Will there be an app for this platform and will the release on Wednesday be the official release of the platform and when should we try to log into it on the day it launches.

@moarafatshow IOS , Android and the website should be up at launch.

It will be the official beta release.


And you shall have Zappl!

good informative blog and very helpful


That is a wise decision I think.

Thanks, yeah we figured move it before we lock in the name servers.

Awesome. Happy to see it's coming along. I check this page regularly to make sure I don't miss the release date :) Can't wait!

Glad to hear it.

wow nice


very nice post you sharing @zappl
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I've been waiting for Zappl for a while and i hope this time we will make it happen. Congratulation guys to work hard so that the community could have a product that works from day1. Best success!

Planning on it, we don't see any issues that should pop up.

Happy ...waiting for it

Glad to hear it.

when it will be out

It says in the tittle.

Oh!! nice to hear news in "Zappl Open Beta Launch OCT 20th - OCT 23rd"
Very useful information @zappl
Have a nice day!!

No problem.

good news . Thaks for shareing.

No problem.

excellent post @zappl.. I love your blog.thanks for share.


well come to @zappl.. I wait for next post.

Great post man! You are awesome! Thanks for sharing!

No problem.

Big news and a good news!


@zappl - Sir, you made my day.... In a week of time we have Zappl... Love this news Sir <3 Therefore, I wish to ReSteem your post.

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]


@zappl , I am visit your site....///


Congratulations @zappl
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zappl is coming. zappl is coming. fantastic info @zappl

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This looks to be awesome.

good informative post.....nice & helpful

At least we have a good news today, something to be happy about.

Being happy is always good!

Closer and closer. Keep it up! :)


Def. closer! @spooks :)

Eagerly waiting for this. Thanx for updating.....

thanks @sanks7 !

This is really great, congratulations for all the hard work. Wish you all the success.

A good news!
thanks @zappl
100% like and resteem

Nice! I appriciate your hard work. Thanks :)

Welcome @acidmaster

good post.

Great informative blog and very Useful.
Thanks @zappl
Have a nice day

Hope we can use it soon :) I want to ZAPPL my trobles in the university XD

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Let the disruption continue! Can't wait to jump on this train. Yipeeeeeee!!!

Me on first day of open beta:

Hello, @zappl! Finally, zappl would be launching it's better app in the next 3 days. I can't wait! It would be goodbye to twitter. However, my existing twitter accounts would be used to bring fans into zappl. I guess @stellabelle, @fulltimegeek, @greenrun, @turpsy and all of us twitter lovers would like zappl too. Kudos to the zappl team (@steemitqa, @thedengensloth & others)!

@maryfavour for @redfishpillar.

We would use Twitter, just like we are using it now for steemit, to get 'em to zappl :)

Hello @zappl

I can't wait for you to Launch. I have big plans for you.

@steemitqa @thedegensloth .Keep up the great work


I like it that you are here.

excited for the launch now :)

Great to see you here @cutiepie :)

Hey @zappl
Thank you so much starting and sharing this great project...
I really trust you...cheers~~~

IT's the 23rd now

That sounds great and good news all around .

ok thanks for the update i am new to this but it looks interesting

Wow! I actually got to know about Zappl today. @maryfavour mentioned it some minutes ago and i am happy she did. I can't wait to see this running. 😀👍

Great step we always supporting zappl project Resteem

Bless your hearts. I'm sorry you've had such a delayed launch, but I'm kinda glad I didn't miss it while I was recently away for 2 weeks. I can't wait to check @zappl out!

finally the transfer is happening :) good !!

I know right! :)

This is really great, congratulations for all the hard work. Wish you all the success.

You're moving it to GoDaddy? I thought you said reputable?

I'm joking, I just don't like the GD interface at all.

Looking forward to it! :-D

I just cannot wait to use Zappl. I am more of a microblogging type of person instead of a blogging type.

thanks for the update over this : )

Let the disruption continue! Can't wait to jump on this train. Yipeeeeeee!!!

What are you looking for by using Godaddy? I would have thought they are the worst.

Nope when it comes to domain security they are the best. It was hosted on some outdated system which has little to no advanced dns support.

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