Zappl needs your support on twitter!

in zappl •  2 years ago  (edited)
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Hey, Zappl!
Just an idea: if you are looking to be more professional and possibly be the next twitter...maybe you should start proofreading your own posts and tweets.
#nottryingtobeanass #someonehadtosayit #constructivecriticism

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Exactly this. The worst thing about Zappl is the sheer lack of professionalism when it comes to proofreading.

If I came across that post on twitter I'd avoid Zappl and assume it's unsafe as fuck. For a company that's constantly asking for investment funds, you've gotta start by at least spelling things properly and making some sense.

I agree 100%. If I read this and didn't know what is was, I wouldn't even give it a click.

Sorry but Zappl isn't always asking for money. We make an update post when we get new investors, updating the amount of shares that are still available and how many have been taken. Which has been updated every other month.

Also reposted the tweet.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

The point is: you can't expect the platform to grow if every form of marketing contains poorly-structured sentences and spelling errors.

You guys need someone in marketing to take over social media accounts, for sure.

These current updates and such just don't do the platform justice at all; they look too unsafe and half-assed.

This is where our funding is coming in. Currently almost all funds are going into development.

No app is pushing hard on marketing because user signup requires you to send people to steemit. V.20 is when marketing is going to be taken more serious by all applications. But we will look for someone to make our posts for now on.

It's not really a matter or funds or marketing. All we're saying is that maybe whomever is writing your posts and tweets should start using a spell checker or something. Check out Grammarly, it is a free website, therefore, no funding is required. All that is needed is a couple extra seconds for each post you make.
Good grammar/spelling/punctuation makes all the difference when you are trying to get support on any social media. If I didn't know what Zappl was and just went to your steemit/twitter page, I wouldn't even look into it due to the terrible posts. Zapple will continue to look scammy until that is fixed, so don't expect much support in the social media area until it is more professional.

Zappl_Com Zappl - Beta tweeted @ 04 Mar 2018 - 22:47 UTC

Zappl would be happy to take in users who are for #StopTwitterCensorship . Zappl is a front end application for the……

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

I like it

I applaud with your boss

hey there @zappl, maybe a thunderclap would be an idea for this?

We will be sure to check it out.

Hey @fitzgibbon I do like the idea of a thunderclap around this.

Well, I'd be happy to organize one, the last Thunderclap we did was a pretty big success!

For sure!

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your biggest goals close to your heart
and dedicate time to them every day.
If you truly care about what you do and you work diligently at it,
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Wow !!!!
Okay @zapple..
We, specially i am always supporting you on twitter..
I am follow you and retweet also....


kembangkan dan mudahkan buat kami untuk mengunjungi kamu. terimakasih

Mission #stoptwittersensorship activated! Hope it does the job of making zappl the next Twitter!

Hi.... zappl you Have a good contribution in steem but you must do a real idea.

go ahead @zappl until the whole world wore your services. do not ever loosen your spirits

Yes .

Zappl You Will Go To The Moon!!!

Yes, it shall.


We like this!

So sweet

Good post @zappl

Zappl_Com Zappl - Beta tweeted @ 04 Mar 2018 - 20:23 UTC

Zappl would be happy to take in users who are for #StopTwitterCensorship Zappl is an application that's a fon't end……

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Nice picture

Hey @zappl
I really agree, I used to twitter users, as long as blockchain present I forget my other social media, for me this is the best media in this century

good work dear @zappl

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I'll try @zappl

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Oke zappl
I support zappl. you're kind
Me needs your support 😊

Good infomation.

Focus on one thing to raise her better mix with other things, because it will be difficult to develop, but it's up to you each, hopefully the name of the blog zappl growing and not disturbed by other things.

Best of the best @zappl

can i join with you platform ???
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how to join tour platform ??

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Followed, liked, RTd. Cheers!

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can you make it work with Telegram upload to zappl app.. i thing is cool

BOOM! I encourage everyone to tweet this as well, let's get this hashtag trending! Twitter banned my last account for posting the same joke twice to 2 different people, so I even had to make a new one! I barely use it though!
I admit zappl is still laggy(sometimes doesn't let me post), but it is miles ahead of twitter!!!


Hey @zappl, I have a proposal for you! I work as a full time ICO consultant, primarily in white paper analysis, research and strategic marketing. I would be more than happy to help you with a marketing strategy, content strategy and more.

I know that Steemit projects are waiting for the HF, but to me this makes no sense - a full strategy should be pre-defined for when the hard fork happens, so that you can go to market right away.

If you want to talk more about this, I would be happy to - just let me know where to contact you! Don't worry about the mistakes that some people mentioned re. the Twitter post - yes, spelling, grammar and general professionalism is important, but most companies primarily focus on development and hire someone to develop a strategy and another person to convey their message.

The mobile app doesn't want to post for me and it doesn't have image upload. Android version. Love the idea though.

@zappl ,, I want to say thank you for you. although not too long ago but I frequently active here, I have one request to you @zappl, please make me your coworkers ,, let me help you in running and promoting ZAPPL application, so that I too can be successful like you