Zappl Android app has been upated

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You will find the new update in the app store. Some regions may take longer than others to show the latest update. But all crashes should now be fixed #zappl #android #launched #update


Really...are you hoping me to put in my password by hand? Not able to scan the QR code permission? Are you asking for the master password or the posting keys or the active keys? Where is SteemConnect?

Why do I even have to ask those questions?

Same as you would on the site with posting key. Steem connect will come is phase 2 and will be 1 of 2 logins we have. We will not just purely be using steem connect during the development of zappl steemconnect wasn't ready for mobile at all which is why its in it.

Realize that all it says is: password (not posting keys, active keys, etc.) If anything, it looks like a phishing attempt to get master passwords.

and that 95% of people will have to do this by hand on their mobile. A simple QR code scanning just like steepshot does would have worked great.

We are aware of all these points zappl is being done in phases. We will make sure to put a post key warning in on next build. It takes a while for these builds to be approved some up to 24 hours.

I am finally on the app. And that is exciting ? I hope from here it will only get better. ??

Many updates planned soon.

Excited (once again) now with the app online You are getting my attention once again.

That is true... but I hope now with the app it is actually working for real! :D

nice app, i like this app,

best app, thanks for update

No problem.

Are you making an iOS version too?
Was thinking of making another account just for Zappl to use it from everywhere I go

Maybe keeping the Steemit one for longer texts and a Zappl account for entertaining others with my daily encounters.
Well, just an idea yet

Yes we are making a ios version as well.

Any plan when it may be released?

When apple lets it be i guess the app is basically done.

Cool. Good luck and good job so far!!

i will download it.please share one photo this app

Logged in in seconds, posted without an issue, I like the interface quite a bit and can't wait to see it fleshed out more! Good job @Zappl

Happy to see Zappl progressing along :)

Ughhh... Cant figure out how to follow people and there is a giant banner ad taking 1/5 of the screen....disgusting.

Their profile. you go to their profile by clicking their image.

f* it, I had to go on my desktop to reply to you and use

  1. Your app makes it harder to use the steem blockchain.
  2. Entering the password by hand on mobile sucks
  3. Ads sucks
  4. I cannot search for people I would like to follow
  5. No notifications if someone replied
  6. I cannot answer if someone didn't use zappl to reply (aka this very post)

You need to set notifications in settings, We do not allow posts from steemit to show up not changing.

Ad's might suck but they keep the lighst on, we allow image hosting, video hosting and more. The current amount of users posting isn't enough reward and running an application plus a business requires some input of income and not just output. Also the ad placement is only in one place and not all over the site like a spam. So it is targeted ad placement.

Also you can find replies to your post on your profile.

I cant even see your reply on the app...I had to go on my desktop for it. I meant that I cannot find users via the search...all I can do is search tag and hope to find them that way. Plus, I hate those ads.

Searching users isn't apart of the app yet. You can also search your followers list and people who follow you. Zappl is just at the start of beta many changes will come quickly.

I'm sure things will smooth out over time.
The bigger picture is more important

Love it, but please remove the ads! Being a Steem based you surely don't need those pesky 2012-style old school revenue models...

Well currently we do need that revenue model because what most don't know between 50-70% of what you earn from your app. it all gets locked up and is not liquid to pay the bills. Its 13 weeks to get the power down and having that much locked up. At the beginning of apps if they don't have deep pockets most will close.

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