Manna Is Coming To STEEM

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Manna has applied for an account on the STEEM blockchain. Hopefully it will be approved in the next few days. We will see updates placed on STEEM for all Steemians who are involved in that project to see. Distribution still on for 3/1!!


Sorry for my ignorance, but what is manna and the project? Thanks.

It's like a free money coin for everyone.

Thanks for this! When I first signed up through your link, I never created an account. Just quickly did that and registered and ready for the March 1 distribution. Thanks for the headsup for these free coins!

manabase not phishing.png

Hey guys just wanted to share this. I got approved but Microsoft (and others?) are flagging Mannabase as a scam. The email clearly wasn't a scam. Funny, because the only thing they blocked was the Manna banner at the top and it's not even a link. I don't click on links in emails anyway so whatever.

Also on referrals from the whitepaper:

Each user receives the same amount of
Manna in referral bonuses as the amount
they receive in basic income, for each
approved UBI recipient they have referred to
the program during the past year. For example,
a user who has 5 approved referrals will
receive 6 times the amount of Manna
per week that a user would receive who
has no referrals. Furthermore, if a new user
signs up with a valid referral link or referral
code, they will receive a 50% bonus in addition
to their basic income distribution.
Bonuses are given only for one year after
each referral or signup occurs, to limit the
financial advantage of participating in the
referral system.

@taskmaster4450 You told me a while ago it didn't work like this. You must have a lot of referrals by now, :D so good news.

What is manna all about @taskmaster4450?

You should check out his previous posts he's talked a lot about it.

This is good news.

After you repeatedly mentioned Manna in your blog posts, I tried reading up on Manna but I must admit I didn't quite understand much of what it's about.

Can you expatiate on it, please?

It is a cryptocurrency that was designed to be a basic income...given freely to anyone who signs up and verifies.

It is an effort to reduce/eliminate poverty in the world by giving people money to cover some of the basic necessities in life.

Good to hear.

A Manna SMT would be sweet.

I really like the concept of their project.

Thank you do I...that is why I am promoting it so much.

I really think they are onto something...using cryptocurrency to reduce/eliminate poverty.

The scarcity of the banker world does not allow for this. With the crypto world, we can actually lift humanity up.

I am hoping it really takes off.

Once commerce starts booming internally on this blockchain the sky really is the limit. We can begin to erase world poverty.

This is very interesting. I'll take a good hard read about this.

As I can see. These coin has been done with the best of intention and as you know intentions without strategic execution often times does not mean success.It will be a great news for us

Woow.. Very good post

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Thank You! ⚜

Tell them to get on zappl! :)

Wow. That's great news. Was just about to get me some.


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Awesome! I just got my confirmation e-mail the other day. Excited for the first, and to see where Manna goes beyond that

Hey man, is it not to late to be involved in mana right?

I remember reading several of your posts talking about it, but I think I still not have my account.

Not at all....only 10K signed up...only another 7 B worldwide. LOL

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SWEET! Would this be an airdrop, or payout every so often? This is so cool, really smart move if you ask me since it can spread via word of mouth and this is a social site

It is going to be a weekly payment from what I understand.

It looks like the wallets might be set up....on each person's dashboard.

" Distribution still on for 3/1 " Is it like an airdrop ? How to claim them ?

You just have to have a confirmed account and you'll get them. I guess yeah like an airdrop.

hopefully your request is granted ... let me work in steemit ... "" "&&&

ka upvote hay zappl

Wooow Nice... very good post @taskmaster4450

Payah ta engkol kosong sang kalinyo

I tried to verify my account when the last email came and it kept erroring out. Maybe it was overrun. I need to try again!

Yeah give it a shot...their server was knocked down a few hours after the email went out...they had 15K or so it it at one time.

Just tried. Login tells me my email is invalid. Starting over, it tells me my email is already in use. I emailed support.

Login is supposed to be your username, not your email. Unfortunately it seems browsers want to put your email in the login field by default instead.

This happened to me and pretty much everyone I know who signed up. Change it to your username and you should be good to go. :)

YEAH a password reset did the trick. Maybe I typoed the first time? Who knows. But all signed up, hooray!

I tried that, too.

Today it's possible I forgot the username I chose, but that first day I tried it both ways and wouldn't have forgotten it then.

This is going to be great will be checking out their account soon :)

Awesome, I'm excited for the distribution in 4 days.

My antivirus deletes the wallet once downloaded.

This is great news, this will definitely help more people to get onboarded to Manna

This is great news to know.....waiting......

A nice submission @taskmasker .if this is approved, I hope you will introduce this app in more detail to us, because I think I like this app.. good job and congratulate fo u

I strongly supports this for progress in steemit, especially in @zappl

if it will be here i will be looking forward to them :)

will have to wait to know more about this one will have to see this :)

the project is solid and coming on steemit would give them a limelight to grab this opportunity in a great way

Nice post..

It's always worth exploring new coins. I applied for an account via ref link by @raymondspeaks. I did another application for Universal Basic Income which is still pending. Their wallet is not active yet but I hope they'll soon have an exchange platform where we can transact mannacoins.

Now that we're in, the info Im looking for is potential partnerships that may bring applications to the token.

Can't wait to see how far this project goes. If it works like they want it would be a great thing for some big athletes or even just some big names on youtube dtube to use manna and give to charities they have or even get some ones they want added to the list. Great opportunities in Manna as well. <3

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