Know the type of mango and nutrient content contained therein

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Mango flower
At home one (monoecious), a mango flower is a compound interest composed in many branching males at the end of a twig. The wreaths are usually hairy, but some are also bare, greenish yellow, up to 40 cm in length. This compound consists of a major axis having many main branches. Each of these major branches has many branches, the second branch. It is possible that this second flower branch has a group of 3 flowers or has three branches. Each group of three flowers consists of three flower buds and each short-stemmed petal with a small leaf. The amount of interest on each compound interest can reach 1000-6000.

The flowers in the mixed arts, there are male and some are hermaphrodites (androgynous). The size of the flower is approximately 6-8 mm. The male flower is more than the hermaphrodite flower, and it is this hermaphrodite flower that determines the formation of the fruit. The percentage of hermaphrodite flowers varies, depending on the variety, ie between 1.25% -77.9%; while those with normal fruit will be approximately 5-10%.

Mango flowers are usually short-stemmed, rarely long-stemmed, and smell nice. The petals are usually in 5's; as well as the flower crown consists of 5 leaves of flowers, but sometimes there are 4 to 8. The color is pale yellow, while in the middle there are 3 to 5 lines of arise that are slightly old color. The edges of the crown are white. At the time it will wither, the color of the crown flower becomes reddish.

5 juice stamen, but the fertile one or two while the other sterile. The fertile yarns are usually almost as long as the pistil, which is about 2 mm, while the sterile is shorter. The pistil is reddish and will turn purple when the sari head opens to allow adult starch to pollinate the pistil's head. The form of pollen is usually round, about 20-35 microns long.

The fruit will not be stalked and contained in a room, and located on a dish. Pistil stalks start from the edge of the fruit and the tip is a simple pistil head. In a flower there are sometimes three fruits.
Nutrition Content of Mango Fruit.
Nutritional Value of Mango per 100 g (3.5 oz, Energy 272 kJ (65 kcal), Carbohydrate 17.00 g, Sugar 14.8 g, Dietary fiber 1.8 g, Fat 0.27 g, Protein 0.51 g, Vitamin A equiv. 38 mg (4%), Beta-carotene 445 mg (4%), Thiamine (Vit B1) 0.058 mg (4%), Riboflavin (Vit B2) 0.057 mg (4%), Niacin (Vit (B5) 0.160 mg (3%), Vitamin B6 0.134 mg (10%), Folate (Vit B9) 14 mg (4%), Vitamin C 27.7 mg (46%), Calcium 10 mg (1%), Iron 0.13 mg (1%), Magnesium 9 mg (2%), Phosphorus 11 mg (2%), Potassium 156 mg (3%), Zinc 0, 04 mg (0%) Relative percentage to US recommendation for adults
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