Inspirational Steemians - @berniesanders

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I've never seen @berniesanders chase two rabbits and not catch one*

*excludes @sweetsssj - catches two



Good post

After my 3 month hiatus I came back and notice that something was different: bernie was having some "make me lol and I vote" contest and then later saw him apologize and undo the flags for someone, dare I say berniesanders for Steemit Ambassador?

I like @craig-grant's theory that bernie is ned's preppy boy alter ego! Ha ha! Reverse engineer the sociopath and we reveal the true Steemian ... Steemit's biggest unsolved mystery??

Craig-grant must be sweating about now and I think that might have been reflection or some guilty conscious that projected Ned with an alter ego, so I don't see it, especially coming from that retard, but anyway, Bernie for Ambassador (we might get a chance to validate the theory of that dipshit ;P)?

this gal makes craig-grant look intelligent

Why are you looking at the states? Have your travels brought you into the insane asylum?

It's a funny from the net numbnuts! BTW I just followed you again after you dropped off during your 3 month sabbatical ... I've changed to a new profile headline too :) Enjoying the new Zappl zap format.

lol yeah I kinda hope he ain't doing too bad.

Still making vids on youtube under a new name and staking Davorcoin and BCC at his mother's house! Ha ha!

Bernie is exposing some of the deep crap going on on this platform

He exposes deep scams ... not deep state! Ha ha!

There's something clever going on here... but its Chinese arithmetic to me!

A switch to the #zappl Twitter format. My cat likes it.

Leaves more quality time for the cat!