Lets create Zappl Community Manifest! (100 USD Worth Token CONTEST)

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Welcome to Zapp-videos,

In the Discord channel of Zappl

I am a Utopian.io Moderator, A Witness, A skydiver, A motorcyclist, An actor, an Au-Pair, A human
And Now A Zappl influencer!

Before Starting

If you have been watching the walking dead for the last season or so, you have heard the Saviors say"I am Negan!" or"We are all Negan!!!" Or you have heard Negans asks them who they are expecting the answer "I am Negan!"


Lets build our community based on the idea of being Zappl!

But with love,

If anybody ever asks you like;

"Who you are?";

Let them know, kindly, gently,

"You are Zappl"
Let it be known say;

I am Zappl!


So i encourage you to create a video on Dtube with the subject of I am Zappl!

  • It can be 10 secs or it could be 10 hours up to you which depends on your imagination you are fully free!!!

  • You can simple face to your camera and say the magic words(If you still remember them "I am Zappl!"

That's it, stop the video and Upload it onto the Dtube...

Lets see if we can create a manifest out of the videos and what has been said in those videos...

I will be giving 100 American $ Worth of @Platforms Tokens Via Bitshares.org (At the current price which is 0.20)

To know more about Join Zappl Discord Server and find me at the #zappl-videos channel please

Feel free to tag @ewq and ask for witness votes for me via : https://v2.steemconnect.com/sign/account-witness-vote?witness=ewq&approve=1

Peace & Love

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kolaylıklar diliyoruz. bizim de zappl ile ilgili bir projemiz olacak akşam saatlerinde. bu sabah arkadaşlarımızdan birisi bunu atmış, bizim için çifte mutluluk oldu :)

Is this gonna be like collage video at the end? Are u gonna edit and combinate them?

It depends on the participation, but hopefully we will...

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That's only I am Zappl!.

It's that cool @ewq, i want participate also

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It could be i am zappl

well its a great idea to create the zapp community bigger.

Im zappl :)

I am Zappl!

That was very kind of you! Thank you for this one, can you also join our discord and post it on the #zappl-videos channel aswell?