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Hi Steemit friend's!
Don't know about you, but I am super excited about the new Twitter rival Zappl.

This is for us that love brevity and enjoy short and sweet sentences. So, if you like earning Steem but not so much into blogging this should be for you.

Here it is in their own words, "The idea is to create a censor resistant decentralized micro-blogging application that sits on top of the Steem Blockchain. This will allow people to quickly give updates to their life and get some value back in doing so."

This will be a new social media and apps will be available for Android and IOS.

I had promised my friend's I would let them know when Zappl becomes available, but decided to post it publicly this way all my follower's get to know too. So mark your calendar's, Zappl Beta should be open on September 18!

Wish to check-out their teasers?

Can't wait to see you all there! Don't forget to follow me @coquiunlimited!

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Get ready to Zappl soo soooo hard! :P


its a good thing and hope will launch soon...

thats great,

Can't wait to see what this will be about. This might be a better deal for us that are really busy and like you said @coquiunlimited like brevity. We are not all into becoming published author's . 😅 Many of us want to socialize, have fun and make a few dollar's, you know what most of us know as internet socializing.

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I am so excited!! Upvoted & resteemed

Thank you very much! I too am very excited about this new site. Wish I had shares in this company! These kids are going to be very wealthy very soon.

and i love Twitter in this far from paying for the content way. i hate to be the part of this "follow you - follow me" game that i found here..

That is found in many other social sites and that don't even pay (many people enjoy having loads of followers, however that's not the case as to why I posted the follow me part in this post). In my case, I really wasn't implying that at all, but merely allowing my friend's to know that I will be using the same name they see me using on Steemit. No one should go for the follow for follow spam, only follow if a person likes their content or finds it valuable.

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Let's Zip Zap and Zoommmmm

LOL! We can keep this up forever, couldn't we? 😁

I don't just follow you I STALK YOU! 😂

😳 LOL! 😅

You should be used to it by now 😉😊