#zapfic Writing Contest Week 61: - - Games Up - -

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Games Up

001 lawnchair 11-17-18.jpg
Source @bashadow

He had me shuffle and arrange the cards in a cross pattern. I placed the head of the cross toward me. Fear flooded his face. His game was over, I knew who he was. I turned the center card; death. I looked in his eyes, a soul flowed into me.

The above very short story was for @felt.buzz #zapfic contest.
Here is the post explaining the contest.

Lawn chair picture is mine under my alt account. Used to mark my story tries.

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Very dark! Excellent! 😊

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Good one @shadowmask!

Not easy with only 240 characters spaces included. But it was a good prompt for a first try I think.

You did great @shadowmask! I love it! : )