Trial and error

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White-coated personnel thronged the lab for the first human trial of the matter transporter. "We'll call that a bust," said the chief science officer as a sizzling sound filled the room, and smoke billowed from the head of the volunteer.

Posted in response to's Zapfic contest

The prompt is TRIAL

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That voulnteer was not in his/her right mind to volunteer. Good one partner and good to see you back here writing. : )

Thanks sweetie.
Some people volunteer, others just find themselves volunteered!

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Thanks. I just sent a deposit.

Yay! She's back! :)

Phew, I just about made it!

Great Zapfic! hahahaha. Who on earth would sign up to be first? Someone who wanted to be zapficked, that's who. Love this

Zapficked, hahaha, love it! I wonder could we get it into the OED;)

what is the OED?

oh haha I thought it was a steem thing I'd never heard of.

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lol! That's hilarious deirdyweirdy! lol. You have a warped sense of humor I love that! And the image is perfect too!

Almost as perfect as your comment m'dear. Thank you kindly.

My pleasure deirdyweirdy, and you are too kind but also very talented!