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I wanted to say thanks for the support and helping me reach my first goal of 50 followers. My next goal is to get to the 100 followers mark. I will continue to post topics related to guns, gun safety, and parenting.

Check out some of my other posts.

Safely storing handguns with children in the home
Teaching your kids to shoot at the rante
Responsible gun ownership and parenting
Conceal and Carry and a Traffic Stop: What to do?

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Great content deserve it. :) It's sad that I have no more to offer than Reyunking this post since my Yunkvotes are only 0.01 cents now. XD Ill power up later and Upyunk :D as much as I can. See you yunking and growing. later 200! and then 300! followers mark.


The yunkommunity is behind you

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