Photofeed Co-Founder @yumyumseth Was Hacked.. What Steemit Can Do About It

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So for those of you who are unaware, this weekend one of @photofeed's co-founders @yumyumseth was hacked, and almost 2,000 SBD was stolen out of his account just like that. Apparently someone with a high reputation left a comment on one of his photos with a link, which he clicked on. He then went out of cell reception for the weekend, only to come back to texts that he was hacked and stolen from. Thankfully, he has regained control of his account.

So that really sucks. I mean, we all know there are lots of phishing comments on here, and that it's probably unwise to click on links that go away from Steemit from people you don't trust (even if they have a high reputation). Regardless, it still really sucks for him. He's one of the few people I've seen on Steemit that has been pretty much posting and commenting every single day for the extent of his time here on Steemit, helping both Steemit, Photofeed and the general community on here grow bit by bit.

I was trying to think of what we as the Steemit community could do to help soften the blow of getting hacked and virtually mugged, and this is my idea.

For this entire week (Sunday-Sunday) I pledge to give all of my earnings from Steemit to @yumyumseth.

My vote isn't worth much right now, but I will also be fully upvoting him and all his posts. I hope he continues to post here, though I'm sure this has been pretty hard to swallow. I don't really expect other people to join in this weekly pledge, but I would love it if you would! The more people that will join, the more we can help him out.

For what it's worth, I'll fully upvote any post that uses the hashtag #yumyumseth, and I'll just trust that you will transfer it over to him when you are paid out.

All I ask is that you consider joining with me for this week by helping him out in some way. He would never really ask for help, but I know that if this happened to me I would be incredibly grateful if this community came together to help out.

Thanks for reading.

Photo originally taken (and posted) for a Columbus Ohio Steemit Meetup

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Let’s raise some SBD for @yumyumseth!

I’m in for 20 anybody else?


Thanks so much man, that's so kind of you.


Hate seeing people getting ripped off. All the best!


will transfer him 5 SBD right now !

I hate stealing people . I am hard working person , working so hard since I remember and I didn't steal , never ever . No morality , no respekt. I feel his pain , I had so many Total War games on Steam , and phishing attack stole all my games from me . Felt so bad about it. This were only games , no 2000 SBD . Person who stole that money should burn in HELL

Man this is so hard. I want to help. I can do the weekly pledge, that is not much so I can donate... like @daveks.

Aww man that sucks. There are some real assholes out there.

That’s awful. You’re a rock for trying to help him out like this!

I believe that this week, Steemit Inc added an extra warning when clicking on external sites. But apart from that, there isn't much that can be done from a front-end perspective. I'll keep upvoting him at 100% for sure.


Yeah, obviously it's totally my fault that I clicked. I just wish there was a way to appeal a transfer or something if it's obviously stolen, but I guess that's not the spirit of the blockchain! Thanks for the support.

You're too kind. Thanks dude, means a lot.

Can Steemit use personel that can hunt down those hackers? and report the hackers to the authorities

Count on me @yumyumseth. This totally sucks man.

Congratulations @aweber!
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That is really horrible :/ Hopefully you can recover and enjoy continuing your blog and work here. Best of Luck!

Oh no! That's horrible!

Wow that is so brutal. I saw some of his posts were marked as spam. Wondered what had happened.