Steemit Saturday #3: 9 Disturbing War Crimes

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Dear Steemians,

As per this post, I've outlined a plan to drive my 1,000,000 subscribers over to Steemit/Dtube. This is the third video I'll be featuring exclusively on Dtube, with a 2-minute clip + custom trailer available on YouTube in which I speak out to my audience to make them aware of the Steem network.

This will be a bi-monthly effort from René @world5list and I in an attempt to raise awareness of both Steemit & Dtube. You can check out what I'm releasing on YouTube shortly here:


Check out past Steemit Saturdays here:

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This is horror. Whats going on in this world?

Sometimes this world can be a bad, bad place :(

A wonderful alternative of steemit

Agreed! I'm really enjoying both DTube and DLive so far :)

Gun control precedes genocide.

🙍 ★★good post!!!; 🙍