Youthing template and body regeneration - quantum biology

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Lets talk about biology. Quantum biology.

I ve always known that youthing is real and it is to do with the consciousness expansion in some way. I used to see it as ability of the cells to regenerate according to their original blueprint. Around ten years ago, roughly at the same time when I began my spiritual practices and I realized I did not age at the same rate as most people. I recall a moment when I saw my own timeline being infinite and not subject to the culturally accepted “aging” beliefs and milestones where certain events happen in sequence and in accepted age brackets: marriage, career push having children retirement death. It occurred to me I may have another child at 70 and die at 130 if I decide I am no longer interested in living this incarnation.

The current general consensus is based on the the premise that we are born, we reach maturity, we age and we die. It does not have to be this way! Aging is a habit, a belief program we all reinforce daily and keep it in place. These programs can be changed. I see our mission here on Earth as one of upgrading our bodies through spiritual practice and consciousness expansion which allows for the quantum biology to become operational and for our DNA to transform to activate the quantum youth template. Such activation will stop cellular degeneration whilst allowing our life force – our individuated Source energy – to flow freely through our system nourishing it and keeping it at the vibrant and optimal level until we consciously decide our mission here is complete and we withdraw our energetic focus and allow the body to die. Becoming the best version of ourselves must include the body.

I tried to find others with similar beliefs and who would be living them already but apart of one blog written by someone claiming to be hundreds of years old and needing to change countries and identities I found no others.

I knew the paradigm started to change when I saw a recently released film Ages of Adeline. Films by their very nature expose many to new ideas and seed them as possibilities in the collective consciousness. I felt yes! Yes! this is about me and others who may declare themselves to feel same way.

To date I have not seen any mention of the youthing process on the internet. So I couldn’t contain my excitement when I listened to the channeling of Kryon by Lee Carroll who revealed that we all have a youthing gene and it is quantum.This quantum in nature gene when activated allows and our bodies to regenerate into their renewed healthy state so that we can experience life in the same body/incarnation in higher vibrational state. Previously the bodies would need to die and one would reincarnate again but now we have an option to stay and enjoy the fruits of our spiritual expansion in the physicalized world. Imagine that! 🙂 The ability to stay at peak physical form and having the ability to self heal. It is happening.

Kryon explains IN DETAIL how this is done ! He confirms that the accounts of masters of old days living for hundreds of years are real as they needed to live that long to pass on genetics of higher consciousness to their offspring.

Biology is quantum too. It would be perverse if it wasn’t. Somehow though we don’t think of it this way – only physics is seen as quantum but Biology is Physics! Chemistry depends on very thing that quantum physics relies on.

Some quantum energies actually change DNA in interesting ways. When conducting experiments the results hint on presence of certain things within molecules. They are however invisible even under the electron microscope. You can you can only observe the results of experiments but the presence of extra things/particles is not verifiable by our instruments yet.

Kryon explains that there is a Human Youth Template in the human body and it is only visible if it is exposed by multidimensional force. Thus a suspected energy in certain molecules will show itself when you expose this molecule to other quantum energies. When we start to see it we ll notice cluster patterns. We ll discover a youthing cluster, a youthing template. In some experiments it now shows itself for a moment then vanishes. Early days yet. Some scientists have applied magnetics as multidimensional force to expose the hidden force and you can see a piece of it as magnetic fields reveal the youthing molecule. Its not yet known as that. The template is in everything. A very own stem cell capable to changing each cell to the original blueprint.

Spontaneous remission is the youthing template activated by human consciousness or by extreme fear or divine intervention. When this template is seen in our 3d world things will start to move.. Humanity will start living longer when they discover they can rejuvenate with artificially created fields. The cell rejuvenation will be almost perfect, the telemeres will not shorten the body will not age. .yay!! 🙂

I am certain that spiritual growth facilitates creation of our very own clear magnetic field around our bodies. The more light one holds within the field the more light can penetrate it. This is the quantum youthing template activation that we can achieve step by step here and now.


you are an alchemist, and this science is nothing new but still only understood by a few. I can recommend Ageless body, timeless mind by Deepak Chopra. but I'm sure you already now most of the ideas by now and have incorporated them into your life in perhaps even more powerful ways. Let me know if you would like a channeled interpretation of your blog. I'd be more than happy to do it for free. I channel mostly from the cacao spirit, chicoy, and Thor but also straight from the collective consciousness sometimes.

Thank you kindly for your comment. Yes I am incorporating these ideas in my everyday life now with tangible results - its an ongoing process. I see my Personality as the one rooted in time concept and my Awareness( soul) as ageless. I strive for the awareness forward stance as much as possible. I would be interested to read your channeled response too. Thank you in advance.

Thanks for your response, here's a channeled interpretation with light and love: "You're writing this in an attempt to understand humanity. To deal with those who have done you wrong and you're on a quest to learn to forgive. Your mission is noble and your path is clear when you're not in your own way. You like to obscure things sometimes with knowledge that comes from your mind and not from your deeper self. You're much more powerful when you're not trying to figure it out, but just sense the answers to your questions. You will be able to go much deeper than your mind could ever take you. There is no place where you can arrive at a full understanding, so let your writing reflect the everchanging nature of your being and find peace with your confusion, then you will also find peace with your mind. You don't have to try to be clever, because your silenced mind always is" hope it's useful! All the best on your journey, and looking forward to reading more from you

Thank you.I am honored to receive your perspective. I don't use my mind much now though - Its just a tool to convey the clarity that arises within. I dont have the need to understand humanity- that part does not resonate with me. I write to share so that those who are drawn to my posts get validation of own inner whispers and so those truths are anchored in the physical and serve as a tuning fork.

you're welcome, lots of love and light to you on your journey.

thank you! Ageing is a program and a habit !..I am working on releasing it from my consciousness

Me too even commented on wrong post

Looks like a good article, will read later..nice to meet you today at the meet up :)

Thank you. It was great to meet at the meet up too 😊

Love this you might rly like this video too

A quote feom Eloheim :When a moment is experienced with such reverence, focus and attention that there is no need for it to progress to "another moment" time plummets instead of being experienced as linear. It actually stops and this allows for the biology to remain at optimal level too thus aging stops.When another moment is valued more then "this one " we force time onto ourselves .

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