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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen

Welcome back to YourCityVibez!
This contest is all about urban photography with weekly themes. This time we got no winners, because nobody participate, maybe the theme was to special.


Selected by @timsaid and me @vladikras
You will receive your SBD after the payout


Without a special theme, choose your best image and share it with us!


@timsaid and me @vladikras


The deadline for entries will be Saturday 12:00 PM CET, for YCV 24 is now November 11th 12:00 PM CET. Winners will be announced on Sunday November 12th.


All SBD from this post will be spread to the winners:


  1. You can post old or new images but only your own work!!! DON'T STEAL!!!
  2. Only 1 Image allowed, if you post more then 1 only the first 1 will be considered
  3. Deadline for entry is 12:00 PM CET on Saturday
  4. All entries must be a post and tagged both #yourcityvibez and #photography
  5. The Title should contain "YourCityVibez Entry"
  6. Let us know the medium used for the photography
  7. Photography is more then only a picture, maybe you tell us your story about the picture you have taken
  8. All images will be reverse checked... DON'T STEAL. I would appreciate any help from the community in finding plagiarism where I might have missed it
  9. By entering this competition you acknowledge that you own the rights to the photographs and allow me to repost the image should it win

10. If you like it, then share and upvote it, the more upvotes the larger the pot of gold.

You can suggest your ideas for the next themes in the comments below.
Hope to see you next time again!


Previous winners:

• YCV1 Theme: City from above
• YCV2 Theme: Alleys
• YCV3 Theme: Subway Station
• YCV4 Theme: Urban
• YCV5 Theme: Bridges
• YCV6 Theme: Symmetry
•YCV7 Theme: City at Night
•YCV8 Theme: Urban
•YCV9 Theme: Alone
•YCV10 Theme: People
•YCV11 Theme: Golden Hour in your City
•YCV12 Theme: Urban
•YCV13 Theme: Looking Up Architecture
•YCV14 Theme: Streetart / Street Artist
•YCV15 Theme: Reflection
•YCV16 Theme: Urban
•YCV 17 Theme: Cars
•YCV 18 Theme: Amusement Park
•YCV 19 Theme: Sport
•YCV 20 Theme: Urban
•YCV 21 Theme: Urban Decay
•YCV 22 Theme: A Frame Within A Frame

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