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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen

Welcome to the new Photo Challenge, it will be all about street photography with weekly themes of your city.


The deadline for entries will be Saturday 12:00 PM CET, for YCV 1 is now June 3th 12:00 PM CET. Winners will be announced on Sunday June 4th.


City from above!

It can be a rooftop picture or from a drone, everything that shows your city from above.


All SBD from this post will be spread to the winners:



  1. You can post old or new images but only you own work!!! DON'T STEAL!!!
  2. Only 1 Image allowed, if you post more then 1 only the first 1 will be considered
  3. Deadline for entry is 12:00 PM CET on Saturday
  4. All entries must be a post and tagged both #yourcityvibez and #photography
  5. The Title should contain "YourCityVibez Entry"
  6. Let us know the medium used for the photography
  7. Photography is more then only a picture, maybe you tell us your story about the picture you have taken
  8. All images will be reverse checked... DON'T STEAL. I would appreciate any help from the community in finding plagiarism where I might have missed it
  9. By entering this competition you acknowledge that you own the rights to the photographs and allow me to repost the image should it win
  10. If you like it, then share and upvote it, the more upvotes the larger the pot of gold.

Hope to see you next time again!


What kind of pot are you talking about? :P

Let's see if I can get a drone for this one

pot full of gold (SBD)

Cool challenge | I'm in!!

I'm in @vladikras.... check out my aerial shot of London !

Great idea. Wish I would have read it earlier. I followed!

You have enough time to enter the contest. Deadline is Saturday 17.6.17 😉

I hope I will not forget. So many contests lately! :-)

If I don't see something from you until Thursday, I will write you a reminder 😅

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that is a great competition!!! i will have to see if i can find some time!!

I hope so, it will be great if you participate

Upvoted and followed.

Great idea for a new contest ! Heres a link to my entry ! Its the only photos I have taken from above on my apartment balcony in downtown Kelowna , it was the last snow fall of the year ! Upped and res teemed !

Thank you, I will check you post ;)

OK thanks ! Its the only photos I have on my laptop that were taken from above !👍

Very interesting challenge
Upvoted resteemed & followed
Will contribute as well

thank you :) I'm look forward to your participation

Very interesting challenge ! have to think about it ^_^ up&resteemedredim.png

I hope you will contribute 🤞🏼

All ready upped earlier ! But thanks for the up vote ! 👍👌

Great idea. Up voted & followed.

Spannend - muss nicht MEINE City sein oder?

Richtig, es muss lediglich dein eigenes Foto sein 😉 hab schon bei dir was gesehen, was in die richtige Richtung geht

ok - echt bei mir schon gesehen, ich wollte mal sowas posten kürzlich - aber habs nie getan oder welches meinst Du?

das von London Millbank Tower

Stimmt, das passt das auch rein :-) - ich schaue mal ob ich was finde - wie lange Zeit, noch 4 Tage?

Genau noch 4 Tage

Cool idea my friend! Following you and will be contributing soon! 👍🏻