YouAreHOPE Vision & Mission

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Our Vision

YouAreHOPE will facilitate a worldwide mission and outreach program to provide the foundations of fundamental human necessities such as clean water, food, clothing, shoes and other needs wherever, whenever and however possible.

YouAreHOPE will be stewarded by a grassroots network of change agents and thought leaders who will execute action and work in service directly with fellow community citizens in their locales across economically distressed regions of the world we all share.

Our Mission

To provide the foundations of fundamental human necessities such as clean water, food, clothing, shoes and other needs wherever, whenever and however possible throughout economically distressed regions of the world.

Our HOPE Agent Network

Our network of HOPE Agents, located in distressed regions themselves, and acting as “boots on the ground”, in the locales around the world where we are currently operating our campaigns, are the people we rely on to deliver the help, opportunity, purpose and empowerment that are the HOPE you can help us to provide to people in need.

These incredible people are the ones who help facilitate and execute the ways we get things done for others. They are change agents, thought leaders and givers filled with so much love to give, that it overflows from their huge hearts. Without these wonderful souls leading and lighting the way for others, our world would be a much darker place.

Learn more about our current HOPE Agents here.
Directly access their profiles & blogs from this agent directory



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Hola @youarehope estaré pendiente de tus acciones, en @meincluyo también velamos por las necesidades de las personas.

Pude traducir eso con google.

Gracias. ¡Sigan con las buenas obras!

Well done on your new website and all you've done, so quickly too, very impressive!

Following, upvoting and resteeming!
And looking forward to reading your posts and progress.
I'm kind of busy with my healing work and @olaat, but sending lots of Pure Love, Light and success to this amazing project. <3

Thank you again dear heart!

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You too could be acting as “boots on the ground” in locales around the world to deliver the help, opportunity, purpose, and empowerment for people in need. I Facebook/Twitter shared but got here too late to resteem this one. Bravo, Sir Cork, for launching this!

Thank you so much!

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