YouAreHOPE Thankful Thursday Donor Report!

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The affiliation of YouAreHope and TheAlliance is bearing fruit already! THANK YOU to these lovely supporters who have made posts that will donate some or all of the proceeds to YouAreHope!! There are more people than just these, but the changes are brand new and several of the posts that went up have already paid out so I am not linking them today. PLEASE be sure to upvote these posts before they pay out!!!

How one gesture of kindness just keeps reverberating, a GREAT story and a lovely heart on display here:

This one is ONGOING so check back EVERY week to see what the awesome @snook has up her sleeve!

Now on to the official thanking of the donors this week, your support is VERY MUCH appreciated!!

5.000 STEEM from @oscarps Family
10.000 STEEM from @saffisara donation
5.000 STEEM from @emjoe Post payout from
my-heart-is-broken as indicated there. Please Keep Up The Good Work
10.000 STEEM from @saffisara community-chest
10.500 STEEM from @crescendoofpeace Donation from liquid steem on my recent posts
5.367 SBD from @crescendoofpeace Donation -just because
3.330 STEEM from @battleaxe Put the Lime in the Coconut and Pay it Forward to YAH!!! :P
5.000 STEEM from @thekittygirl Liquid Steem for you, since the benefactor post only paid-out in SP
2.500 STEEM from @beautifulbullies 100% Profit Donation from the fundraising post I wrote :)
5.000 STEEM from @artemisnorth community chest
5.000 STEEM from @thealliance Community Chest

In addition to these kind donors, YouAreHope continues to enjoy profit sharing support from:
The donor list this week is a wondrous sight, but the constant income from these donors have kept YouAreHope viable through the lean times so THANK YOU to these accounts for your continued support!

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everyone in the path of "Florence" , stay safe

Grateful for the chance to do my part for all the folks you are helping.
Working to get others involved at various levels, and donations, whether of time, currency or knowledge. ;-)

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