YouAreHOPE Thankful Thursday Donor Report!

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Photo by @fishyculture

BIG NEWS!! @YouAreHope is joining forces with @TheAlliance to make our blockchain charity (the MOST amazing way to love your neighbor) even more effective! Be sure to read the entire post here and lets work together for a better world using STEEMIT!

Folks who read that post and really "got it" are already dedicating post payouts to YouAreHope. Please be sure to show these people and their posts some love and appreciation!

THANK YOU to the generous souls who support YouAreHope!

2.038 SBD from @sneaky-ninja
1.726 SBD from @sneaky-ninja
1.689 SBD from @sneaky-ninja
1.570 SBD from @sneaky-ninja
1.778 SBD from @sneaky-ninja
1.650 SBD from @sneaky-ninja
1.627 SBD from @sneaky-ninja

0.306 STEEM from @lost-ninja
0.045 SBD from @lost-ninja
0.282 STEEM from @lost-ninja
0.069 SBD from @lost-ninja
0.307 STEEM from @lost-ninja
0.077 SBD from @lost-ninja
0.367 STEEM from @lost-ninja
0.044 SBD from @lost-ninja
0.283 STEEM from @lost-ninja
0.072 SBD from @lost-ninja
0.267 STEEM from @lost-ninja
0.067 SBD from @lost-ninja
0.296 STEEM from @lost-ninja
0.079 SBD from @lost-ninja

0.011 STEEM from @alliedforces
0.004 SBD from @alliedforces
0.011 STEEM from @alliedforces
0.002 SBD from @alliedforces
0.013 STEEM from @alliedforces
0.002 SBD from @alliedforces
0.012 STEEM from @alliedforces
0.002 SBD from @alliedforces
0.012 STEEM from @alliedforces
0.003 SBD from @alliedforces
0.010 STEEM from @alliedforces
0.004 SBD from @alliedforces
0.008 STEEM from @alliedforces
0.007 SBD from @alliedforces

2.069 STEEM from @msp-foundation
3.066 STEEM from @msp-foundation
2.133 STEEM from @msp-foundation

8.100 STEEM from @battleaxe
5.000 STEEM from @isaria
0.500 STEEM from @fishyculture

Now Proudly Affiliated With


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this is written VERY well to describe the affiliation and such.... nice to see collaboration in action...... <3

unknown (37).png

Thanks as always fishy, I need to get on top of the resteems, there has actually been like 10-20 YAH Community Chest posts made this week by alliance members, donating proceeds from the posts.

Time to light the fires, and spin the tires....