Changing the World with hope, The YAH fundation.

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We know is hard,but we can help you. You Are HOPE.


The countries of the world have different problems, they can be environmental, social, economic, etc. But there are many countries in crisis. People around the globe who are responsable for carrying that ray of hope, of helping others. All that framed in a single philosophy.

The movement was born from the hand of @SirCork who defines it as: Help|Opportunity|Purpose|Empowerment a steemit community supported worldwide humanitarian aid organization powered by steem.


Many are the steemers who are responsible for transmitting that message and who are affiliated with the cause you are hope. They do it in their respective residential areas, in this way it is easier to identify the suffering of the sector and its citizens allowing them to inject the resources acquired in steemit to the problem that most deserves solution.

Have the pleasure of knowing the work of these steemers distributed in countries with different needs but the same message “You Are Hope”


Own Photography. Original Post

For nobody is a secret that I live in Venezuela. I try to spread the message of the YAH (You Are Hope) community, however we are not talking about myself, but about them. Those who fulfill their mission in other cities of my country and the world.

This is @malos10,Venezuelan who since I know about him, thanks to the steemit plataform has done an AMAZING job. It was easy to really mention it and how not to do it if he has been 100% committed to reducing those ailments that affect everyone; Honest hard workers, children and the elderly.

His last delivery was made in the Hospital of his locality. Where he gave 70 dishes of rice with chicken to be delivered to all who were possible. The photos are incredible I encorage you to review the Original Post

We make a huge leap to move to Nigeria, specifically in Abia. The @backtoschool team is responsible for donating school materials necessary for children to perform their activities at school.


It is well known that in countries like this social problems are very great, however YAH also reaches there through these guys. More than a help they carry the message of never leaving schools because the childrens are the future. Learn more about this story In the original Post

To conclude with my contribution, the SBD collected by this post will be donated to @YouAreHOPE so that they can continue with their beautiful work.

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