FIRST EVER STEEMIT FEMALE FOOTBALL ZONAL TEAM WITH @ackza, @stellabelle, @surfyogi, @bleepcoin @reko @yehey @guiltyparties, @elgeko etc

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It was a very busy day for @kofpato, @steem4depoor, @brightacq, and my new recruit @crisbible during the inter-zonal games which was held at P. park. The whole program was filled with lots of joy and happiness. we started with steemit awareness were we went round to promote steemit to the audience who came to watch the kids with their zonal games.

I Met With One Of The Teachers Whom I Already Know And Decided To Introduce Him to Steemit

The football games were not yet started so we decided to buy water for the students to make them hydrated and comfortable during the games. So I called some guys and made them follow me to purchase the water which was worth $4 dollars.

A big thank you to the great @ackza for sending us 20sbd to give free food to the students during their games. One pack of food cost $2 dollars and we bought 30 packs and got an additional 1 pack bonus added. @kofpato and @brightacq went to order the food for the kids while steem4depoor was also promoting creatorgh with the kids on the field , after we joined in.

That day was a great day cause steemit found yet another steemian. My new recruit who is waiting on his account confirmation:-

So the female ladies games started and we won our first game by one goal to nil. scored by Mercy aka stellabelle.

It was raining but the steemit female team scored their first opening match of the tournament wow. Goal scored by @stellabelle

It was a great win and we were all very happy to see steemit female team win their first game even though it was raining. After the guys started warming up for their game but unfortunately the rain didn't allow them.

Due to the heavy downpour we went to the female girls resting place later on to award the goal scorer who won us the match with $3 dollars:- Mercy aka stellabelle.

Just today as I checked my messages one of the teachers wrote this:-

I lost a very special father and the barrier took place this weekend, I would love to use this opportunity to thank him for all the great things he showed and thought me, I will never forget you. Rest In Perfect Peace Dad!!!

Aside from my Fathers departure, my weekend was sad but I got to learn about a lot about life in the village with no network or electricity. I am browsing from an anonymous town far from the village just to keep my lovely steemians going.

We had to go to long journeys to fetch water which is 60% clear. I had a lot of experience and learned a lot. I met some other family members and I decided to share steemit to them as well.

New Steemian Coming On Board

BIG BIG BIG Thanks to @ackza, @stellabelle, @surfyogi, @bleepcoin, @reko, @yehey, @guiltyparties etc for their great support and directions each and everyday on steemit. We really appreciate your generous efforts.


Hahahah oh my god, world's best typo! :D

That said, I'm THRILLED to be represented here, and I am so glad it was a fun and succcessful day for all of you!

I wish I had known before hand, and I would have made a significant donation, contact me in discord @kofpato and lets talk about your continued work over there.

ok @sircock

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :)


Oh man this is incredible!

@kofpato i upvoted and resteemed man i am SO glad to see your amazing fucking progress FUCK yes

I made sure to talk to @steem4depoor and I arranged for him to get a new smartphone so you guys can each have a camera for videos and images of all events from now on ;)

And I will be happy to send this post to @stellabelle @surfyogi @neoxian @thejohalfiles @sweetsssj I think they would ALL love to see this AMAZING promotion of steem in Africa

I bet we could get this post to $500 (over $1000 worth of SBD )

thanks very much bro @ackza
yeah that's very true bro...

Steem to the moon bro

There's no way that's a typo! That is so hilarious! Get them Sircock!

This is the best day of my life G :)

oh no, don't cockshame! ;)
this is a great post, @kofpato is a real go getter and encouraging female sports, it's great , the presentation, total class act like you are
you are a class act @ teamsteem

Thanks my good friend @battleaxe

Hahahahahahaha😂. I would love to wear that Jessy, Sircock! Its indeed hilarious! @teamsteem

lol truly epic, who said it was a typo? ;)

Who said the typo was in the words

"4" is a selling things a bit short though...

I agree!
11 would be much closer to the ball park..

Trust Tesla, because this guy knows science!

lol, good point!


I just can't... I just.....

steemitqua, I'm on a Jersey , what next..... :P

on a jersey, in new jersey? xhibit meme dawg?

I saw so awesome! lol xD

Yeah we're famous! :D

cough, infamous :P

Dammit i was on the YAH account again, i usually catch that, crap.

I'm so f'm happy and smiley and laughing so hard right now, STILL :D

I literally pee'd my pants lol I still can't stop laughing xD

hahahahahaha oh dear, this is the most fantastic thing in my world ever.

That just pleases me no end.


no effin way man... LOL


That is priceless.


And accurate ;)

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You had this as a reply a little to quick. Sirspam a lot.

It wasn't a typo, Cork, the people of Africa love me. But, you can pretend it's about you if it makes you feel better.

Oh @sircock, I shall meet you on the jousting field of the "air" and I'll be sure to "wave" as my trusty steem star steed gallops ahead! :)

@kofpato @sircock i will also need a copy of this jersey , it look beautiful

How can that be a TYPO @sircork I heard that all of the girls call you that ??............


I believe he is talking to you!

Your buddy

lol omg poor guy

I am so honored to be on a Jersey, You are so Rad!
@kofpato, You know the way to my heart is jerseys and seeing you making a difference half a world away :)

Lucky Number 8, 8 is Great!

awwww thanks soo much

Thank you for sharing what you're doing out there. Great project and I will be here supporting it.

Well done. Keep Steeming.

Thanks alot bro

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Community in action. What a way to put steemians in action.
Thanks for all your efforts.

Thanks alot bro @pouchon

That's amazing work right there. You're getting it all done and then some. Great job promoting Steem and making it happen for the local community.

This is one of the most awesome things I've seen.

Thanks bro @guiltyparties

Check out my jersey :)

It just keeps getting better.

I'm in tears laughing so hard. And so proud all at once. I just told @r0nd0n - worst best thing ever. I keep wondering, does this translate? Poor kid. :(

It is a new ray of hope.

Graphic by @hoschitrooper

G-D bless all of you for doing this. This is why I hang with you gals and guys. Never tiring of doing good. The STEEM gods look down and smile! The giver always receives the greater reward. Take care each and everyone of you. You are probably in the prayers of these young people every day, a tangible asset that can be taken away by no one!

May be very intaligent football team, I like football.
upvote & resteem

This is great and we didn't know of that there was this initiative! Hopefully, more funding through Steem can come through; progress and develop these teams and your communities. Well done to @ackza, @stellabelle, @bleepcoin, @reko, @yehey, @guiltyparties and last but not least @kofpato! :)

@kofpato great post this! love the fact that the kits are STEEMIT. Give a true sense of the power of football and sport the way you all come together in order to help these players young lives. Onelove!

This is so amazing, so much good work being done to support people. A fantastic story, it looks like everyone had a wonderful day and it's reassuring to see so many active Steemit members supporting good causes like this. I would also like to know where I can purchase my own "SirCock" shirt to support the charity 🤣

Thanks very much @coff33a
hahaha dont worry i will send you one soon

good poste mon ami good and very good bravo bravo j adore

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I am so impressed. What a wonderful set of photos. Working hard, playing hard. All as one. Beautiful

Tujuan yang sangat iklas dan mulia. @kofpato

Looks like you really had fun !

I love football, it all looks so good.

you are really promoting steamit tirelessly, good luck

i like this .....this is what steemit is all about....nice one brov

Great Job there guys. Giving the ladies an opportunity to have fun and promoting steemit at the same time? That's astonishing

Thanks bro

You just planted 2.57 tree(s)!

Thanks to @elgeko

We have planted already 6766.62 trees
out of 1,000,000

Let's save and restore Abongphen Highland Forest
in Cameroonian village Kedjom-Keku!
Plant trees with @treeplanter and get paid for it!
My Steem Power = 18407.44
Thanks a lot!
@martin.mikes coordinator of @kedjom-keku

Spirit and success continue to the steemians. Let's help each other out!!

Congratulations guys

very good idea to celebrate this agenda... go aHead..

Wow! You guys are bringing some good change to the society. You are not one of those who keep whining about how bad Govt. is, but actually do something out there. Salute to you guys!





That's amazing work right there. You're getting it all done and then some. Great job promoting Steem and making it happen for the local community.

This is one of the most awesome things I've seen.

This is what we call touching lives off the Blockchain, not some Notice me Gigs for Upvotes....Bless you Guys!

AWESOME STUFF!!! It is so great to see STEEMIT in Action!
Great Job, @kofpato and I am inspired to be more Active in Team Good over here in USA. Seems like the good works are so much more effective when there is no real money barrier, People collect SBD and send it over, it seems to go a Long Way! God Bless you and your work, and YAH as well ;)


So cool

This is just unbeivably cool. Loving the gold steem logo too.

The team is solid and looks very compact @kofpato. this is a great match. I really like football and in a game like a ball is needed a team's compactness to reach the victory.

This is amazing, I can't believe how cool this is..wait, omg this is really cool!

awwww thanks very much my good friend @bleepcoin

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