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I’m starting to see everything backwards. The habits we strive to practice to attain something often simply turn out to be the natural result of a mental state changed. We don’t feel calm, serene, and peaceful by practicing more and more of being in that state. Instead calm, peaceful and serene is the natural resulting state after facing and cutting through all of our shit. That is the natural resulting state AFTER focused effort with a sharp mental knife of discernment, blood sweat and tears wielding through layers of delusions. Then, all that’s left is peaceful serene equanimity. ✨


I find this too on my yoga mat. Pranayama and Bandha engagement is taught and encouraged. As in “ practice these physical contractions and you will attain higher levels of consciousness...!” But, what I am experiencing for myself after a rigorous Asana practice, playing my favorite music, yielding to my body’s desired flow… I end with an incredible natural effortless sense of peaceful serenity.


I sit at the end of each physical yoga practice, my legs bound in lotus pose, my body a glow with energy and a full body buzzy feeling of incredible serenity and gratitude. ✨🙏🏽 My breathing extends deep into my belly, and is full and steady. No effort, it just is. My belly purrs in exhausted contentment and at the lowest part gently clinches in delight at how I then feel. (Mula and Uddiyana bandhas ) I naturally sit up tall and energized and feel a lump in my throat from all my joy. Then dropping my head in reverence and gratitude (jalandhara bandha). No conscious contraction. No effort.


Again the whole point is not practicing these things as techniques to get you there, it’s working through your shit, clearing away layers of delusion to realize that everything we seek “out there” is already right here, right now, inside not outside! 😄 Once the delusions are all cleared we LIVE the practices with little to no effort...

They are the results, not the cause.

📷 @sean-king 🙏🏽


Wow! How wonderful! I can not do this! :)

Great motivation,thats the real healthy life style!👍👍

Wow really Great.

Great actions for healthy and fit life. Thanks for sharing.

Just read an article about how things between body and mind sort of flow both ways. They uses that example, that you smile, when you are happy, but that it also works the other way... when you smile, your mood changes and you get happy...

I try to achieve that level of effortlessness in my painting. There are times, when something appears incredibly difficult to do, but when I get into a certain frame of mind, the flow, it just happens and I loose track of time and everything else around me. But instead of trying to consciously getting into this state, I just start working and do my thing and the rest then comes on its own... but maybe its all the years of practice come through. Like you said the natural resulting state after facing and cutting through all of our shit 😎

Oh gosh, Sean mentioned the same relationship after reading my post. I admit I failed to acknowledge that the influence some what goes both ways. You mentioned the smile example. Yes, I’ve read studies where someone who holds a pencil and their teeth, even if they’re upset, will start to feel happier just for making that facial expression. Or holding your arms straight up in the air like a champion, it will make you feel more settled positive and confident!

I guess I just wrote this in response to so many people that I hear espousing to do this practice, or that...”it will bring you total happiness, joy, and enlightenment!” I’m calling bullshit on that. You can’t fake the symptoms of a well lived life and get there. If we establish good habits, make decent decisions, work on seeing ourselves with honesty - then yes. Then the well lived life results happen, rather than vice a versa.


I might actually have misunderstood your post, as I had the feeling you were thinking along these lines... was probably too distracted from the photos ;-) Just read it again, and together with your comment, I think I understand better what you mean now.

If I understand you right, its about people having this "formula" for everything. And who tell you, how to achieve this or that (meta)physical level, while at the same time, they are a living example of their preachings actually not working :-b

Haha... well, that smile example. Yes, it might lift your mood temporarily, but I suppose you were thinking on a much bigger scale. And little tricks, as interesting as this discovery might be, only treat a symptom in the end and will certainly not bring you total happiness, joy, and enlightenment!

if we establish good habits, make decent decisions, work on seeing ourselves with honesty - then yes. Then the well lived life results happen, rather than vice a versa.

I'd assume, it all starts, with who you want to be... You have accomplished more than most people on this journey we call life in many aspects. And because you have established good habits, made decent decisions and worked on seeing yourself with honesty, it works well for you. An open and honest view of yourself seem essential to me here, as I think, quite a few people do "fake it". They pull themselves along, lifting their mood with an eager smile, wondering, why this alone doesn't necessarily bring the desired life (changes)...

Yes...that’s it exactly. You helped state it more clearly. Thank you.

Regarding your last paragraph...for me it’s about deciding how I want to be rather than who. The who, in my view, is pretty fixed. We are born with programming, a calling, dharma or whatever you like to call it. The only decision we can control is to live in alignment with that or to fight it. And then, yes, establishing habits around supporting that choice. Also, i won’t take total credit for how fortunate I have been in life. Yes, some good habits but lots of luck involved as well. I am for whatever reason a ridiculously lucky girl. 🙏🏽

Luck is pretty important, I think. We have this funny word in German for someone who is always lucky: Glückspilz (Lucky mushrom 🍄) and I too think I have always been very lucky 😁 And yes, I am very thankful for that.

Interesting what you say about the programming. That resembles a concept also taught by my former Tarot teacher, but in connection with the Horoscope. We often see certain personality traits in the different signs. He explained it this way: the Horoscope can be compared to a list of actors sent to us when we are born and now we are to direct the movie of our life with them. The more the movie we make is in alignment with the group of performers we have, the easier and more consistent it will be in the end. For instance, if we have some really tough action movie guys, it will be hard to create an emotional romance novel. On the other hand, if you get some very emotional softies, it will be difficult to do an action packed thriller... hope this makes sense.

I like the idea of deciding how one wants to be 😊

Sounding great from this post , and looking even better !!!... I LOVE how you are effortlessly (or at least make it look that way) able to channel such positive energy outwards!
I have to say , your surroundings look so peaceful this busy street im in anyday!!...oneday xxx

I must admit that living in tropical paradise does give one pretty happy outlook on life! I don’t try to channel positive energy really, just clear my delusions.

Always nice to have you visit my page. Glad you’re back around these days :)

What muscle! What bathing suit! Keep up your yoga!
PS I see you haven't picked out your tile yet.
science fiction, fantasy, erotica

Thank you 🙏🏽

We chose the tile back in February, but a total renovation, especially in Puerto Rico, is a long process. The tile is now down in September! Next time we take photos there you will see. Here’s a preview 439CFC8C-F6AC-45DB-858F-9DBEDC40329F.jpeg

BTW, I’m reading Gor. What are your thoughts on that series?

Ah, Gor...
I've met some Gorians at a weekend BDSM retreat. One guy and five (I think it was) women. They were totally into it. One or two of them were (I think) Kettle Girls, doing the guys household stuff like managing his checking account. I thought each of those women could have done better for themselves, but hey, this guy did have a day job.

As for the novels, I've read reviews of John Norman's series as not being well written. So I didn't want to "enslave" and "torture" myself and surrender years of free time with the series of 30+ books. I've read plenty of excerpts though. And a few fun parodies. I.e. the spider plant brought from Earth hangs from the rafter ...

Look at me, I have opinions without ever having read it.

“...enslave torture and surrender years of free time...” 😂 😂 good one 😉

It’s true the Gor books are not examples of literary excellence, but you have to admit the author is prolific! I imagine he follows the approach of “good and done is better than perfect and never finished.” I like some of them. I don’t read Gor to improve my literary repertoire, but for pure pleasure. Do they turn me on? Yes. So that makes them a good enough read for me.

As far as whether “those women could have done better for themselves,” who are we to say? They were grown women and had made the choice to live that lifestyle. They must have gotten some fulfillment out of it, for if not they would have made other choices. No?

Such amazing poses and so true about what we seek already being there.

I often find that when we can see Time as always the NOW we can realize we simply need to reach out and take that which we most wish to be in our lives, and that often actualizes it into our being.

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