Om Mani Padme Hum - Finding Peace in a Time of War

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Still haven't figured out how to retrieve my steemit password so I have the potential to create a new account and start my journey again!

Currently I am waiting on my travel visa in Australia where I am stuck in limbo.

On the travel Visa you are not "legally" allowed to work so I am looking for anything online to sustain a life here while I can figure out what is next on the map.

I love this country and it has become my home... The anxiety of trying to stay here and maintain a life while working out ways to get permanent residency is insane.

I have so much gratitude for being Canadian citizen where it is much easier to travel the world, obtain visas and find good work as a native english speaker. It is hard here in Australia... but I feel humbled thinking about the struggle of others trying to make it here, escaping terrible economic states, war and pollution.

Damn this world is wild and scary.

Oddly enough I am dealing with a great big hole of depression which I go through every once and awhile.
The weight of the world keeps dropping on my shoulders.

How can I support my parents?
How can I support my brothers and sisters?
How do I support the children in my family?
My friends?
How do I continue to work for a system that is making us all sick?
Depleting the energies from our beautiful loving planet. Poisoning the thing that makes me happiest?

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 11.05.08 am.png

When I get lost in her forests, dive into her oceans, run into her fields, reach the top of the mountains. I find peace there.

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 10.48.56 am.png

I want to feel safe in the moment.
Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 10.55.14 am.png

I have this strong healthy body, on good days my spirit is high but my home is here in Australia and here I am, in the waiting line. Waiting for one single email to tell me : This country is yours for another 12 months while you can conjure up the next plan to stay a bit longer.

I have reoccurring dreams where I don't have any choice but to return to Canada, or go back to high school. I am broke, and only just getting by, forced to move back into these putrid lifeless cities; gobbling up souls and spewing out consumers who are trapped in a cycle of death and disease.

That is my nightmare. My biggest fear. Not enjoying the present moment where I should be. Where I am happiest.

Meditation helps, but I have to do something more.

Today I want to share Mantras that I have been integrating into my my daily thought patterns; I want to see all #steemians reach their goals through their writing, art, thoughts and actions. To educate ourselves on health, wealth and freedom from financial, mental, physical burdens of pain we suffer in the world. Somehow these mantras reassure me that we are not of this body and we can create a better world beginning with a single thought.

I am health
I am wealth
I am beauty
I am happy
I am peace

and like all things : This too shall pass.

#teamaustralia #environmentalism #rise


Thank you for sharing your feelings. It seems a shame that we all have to wait for visas and paperwork to dictate our journey in the world.

Having been and endless traveller, in search for the next place there was one thing i was told which has stuck with me. No matter where you go in the world, you still take yourself with you.
I.e. as long as you have a home in yourself you will have a home wherever any visa allows you to live.
Namaste x

Hi @byoga! Good news. I retrieved my steemit password! ALSO! I am still waiting for the visa... but in the meantime. I am enjoying the moment, doing yoga everyday and surfing. ( not so bad ) BUT running out of money quick. This is something I have become acquainted with... Although I love travelling... its not usually something I want to do, typically just something I have to do to find the next work placement. The universe has a path for me.. the more I fight to rest in one place, I get thrown in another direction! Just learning to enjoy the moment and be a bit more gentle with self love and care! <3

I’m very happy to hear you got your visa! And yes don’t worry the universe will provide, you never know what opportunities are just around the corner and on the other side of the world 🌍 💕🧘‍♀️
Enjoy your adventures
Namaste 🙏