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Hello steemians!

Today I would like to share with information about what is core in the anatomy. Quite often when we think about flat belly we think about doing exercises for our six packs or our abdominal muscles. But those aren't what will help you make your belly flat ☺️. For that goal you need to work with your core muscles. Below you can study about what are core muscles.


‍♀️Very Easy: 5 Core Stability Exercises You Need to Know

Core Stability Exercise Program

The Three-Minute Perfect Plank Workout

‍♂️Harder HIIT regime : At Home Core Workout

‍♀️Core strengthening in YOGA‍♂️
Core Strength Warm Up 5min

Yoga Core Strength for Beginners 6 min

The Complete Yoga strength programe 5 min

Core Strength (Lolasana) 6min

Core strengths for arm balance 4min

Core strength CODY 8min

Yoga for Core Strength in 10 min

Yoga for Core Strength 30 min


I hope you will find this information helpful 🙌.
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bookmarking this! looks like very useful info!


☺️I am glad you find this information useful! I am going to post more similar information.