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Hello, steemians!

❗️If you are an English teacher you can use this post as a speaking practice for the lesson (intermediate and upper-intermediate levels). Or just enjoy this video and information in it along with me and share your thoughts in the comments.

Let's talk today about criticism. Being criticized is never pleasant - but when you've also suffered an unsupportive childhood, it cuts especially deep. In order to bolster our capacity to withstand attacks, we need to unpick the legacy of unhelpful nurture in our early years.

bolster => (укреплять) to make (something) stronger or better
withstand attacks => (выдержать) to not be harmed or affected by attacks
unpick the legacy => (разобраться с наследием) they disagree with it and examine it thoroughly in order to find any mistakes that they can use to defeat it.
nurture => (воспитание) the way a person was raised = upbringing

🤔Step 1: What do you think the video is about?

📺 Step 2: Watch the video.

🗣Step 3: Discuss the questions below.

❓What is the purpose of criticizing someone?
❓What is the purpose of criticizing an art work?
❓Is criticism meant to be constructive or destructive (think realistically not idealistically)?
❓Are you open to criticism? Provide a decent and logical example to persuade others that you are.
❓Do you tend to criticize people quite often? How about your friends?
❓What are the most common subjects of your criticism?
❓Once Aristotle said:" To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, and be nothing" what does that mean?
❓Have you ever considered being a critic (a food/film/music/etc critic)?
❓In forming your judgments about a work of art do you trust the ideas of a critic?

📝Step 4: Learn new vocabulary.

perverse => (ошибочный) improper, incorrect
merely => (всего лишь)
wholly => (полностью, совершенно)
caregivers => (опекуны)
endure => (вытерпеть)
acclimatise => (приспособить к новой среде) adapt, adjust
acquire => (овладевать)
sympathetically => (сочувственно)
cracked beings => (выжившие из ума люди)
troublesome beings => (доставляющие массу неприятностей люди)
not in our remit => (не в нашей компетенции)
utterly reliant => (крайне доверчивый)
inordinately => (излишне)
at the start => (поначалу, на первых порах)
subsequent neglect of the world => (последующее пренебрежение миром)
eternal admiration => (вечное преклонение / восхищение)
the scorn of millions => (презрение / пренебрежение миллионами)
be fatal => (губительный)
outsized approval => (непомерное одобрение)
along the way => (попутно, заодно)
encountering => (наталкиваясь)
outsized disapproval => (непомерное неодобрение)
the emotionally deprived return => (эмоционально обделенная отдача / возмещение)
dissenters => (недовольные люди)
bashed out => (настукивать) to produce something quickly or in great quantities but without much care or thought
be attuned => (приспособленный)
fall short of expectations => (не оправдывают ожиданий) to not be as good as people thought would be the case
primordial injure => (изначальная / зачаточная травма)
entwined /ɪnˈtwaɪnd/ => (вплетенный) to be very closely involved or connected with something
unmanageable => (непокорный, неуправляемый)
subpar => (не на должном уровне)
wretch => (негодяй, подлец, злодей)
be on our guard => (быть настороже/начеку) to be careful to avoid being tricked or getting into a dangerous situation
raising the stakes unnecessarily => (поднять ставки) to make a situation more urgent or more difficult to ignore
yesteryear => (давнишний, былых времен)
in essence => (во всей сути, в сущности)
mentally unwell => (умственно нездоровый / больной)
expose ourselves => (раскрываться)
gaze => (пристальный внимательный взгляд)
a benign mirror => (милосердное, доброжелательное, благоприятное зеркало)

Here are several exercises which can help you learn new vocabulary (English-Russian version).

Materials used:
➪ Video from YouTube channel "The school of life"

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For me if somebody will criticized never mind it they are not the one who give you a food to it. They want to ruin yourself only. Go on, stand, have courage and be confident enoug to face the word... thank you for sharing!


Thank you for sharing your thoughts. For me this video was very informative as I was hurt a lot and criticized in a very bad way by my own mother... that has affected me a lot especially my self-esteem. So now being an adult I am dealing with it. Therefore this video is pretty useful for me because it gives me ideas how to overcome my internal obstacles, explains where does this issue with not reacting calmly to critics come from and how to solve that :). I really liked the video and hope that it will help others to feel relief and better as it helped to me 😌.


Hi @irina.olsen... never mind them at least you earned something to learn. Those people who are doing that let it God do what best for them. Cheer up and explore the world and show to them that you are a good person with a good heart. Just keep going. Because at end of the day those people who criticized whatever we did they are just the who will felt sorry. Because they never knew what you've been through unless they will walk with your own shoe. Smile 😊😊😊😊


Thank you for your cheering up ☺️. I am totally agree with you that most people can't understand you "hey will walk with your own shoe". And it is likewise as well.