My Top 3 Favorite Yoga Poses

in yoga •  last year


I Love doing the butterfly poses because it was really the first stretch I could do well. Well that made me feel very proud of myself! Flexibility has always been a struggle for me.


I love doing the child pose because it was my go to move to modify downward dog. I couldn't hold downward dog very long at first, so after I couldn't hold the downward dog I would go into a child pose. It was my go to move. It really help me in my first days of yoga.


I love the Downward Dog once I mastered it because my whole body feels so stretched and relaxed. No matter what workout routine I be doing this move really helps me, I'm barely sore thanks to this great yoga move!

Those are my top 3 yoga poses! What are you favorite yoga poses? Let me know in the comment section! Please upvote , resteem , comment and follow, if you liked this post.

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The first photo is an interesting location.
Do you have a more distant shot ?
Now following for more :-)

I never knew that the child pose is a form of yoga! I do that every day in the morning and at night, for about like 1 minute or so - just to stretch my body before and after going to work. Thanks for sharing :)

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