People eating the leaves of the tree of Yemen

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I felt uncomfortable when I heard that at least twenty million people in the war-torn country Yemen were starving for nearly three years. Some people eating the leaves of the tree after hunger. My bad knit as a Muslim is normal. It is worse than it is a Muslim country responsible for their condition.

The news agency AP has published a photo. It turns out that a family of Hajjaj province in Assam is gathering some leaves and preparing them to boil. Some of the young children are waiting for their interest. The picture was reported on August 25.

AP reporter said that many of the local people have such a situation. International aid agencies in Yemen have not been able to reach relief due to the continued attack of the Saudi-led coalition and the resistance of the Iranian-backed Hutite rebels. Again, the United Nations including other organizations are struggling to meet the huge demand for relief.

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Hopefully yemen will be set up with Crypto soon

It is not the religions but it's the government is.

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